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We make ideas come to life. Our prototyping specialists take care of everything so that your prototype fulfils its task, depending on the maturity of your development – from the illustration of an initial idea, to a functional sample, to a fully functional, close-to-production prototype. We take care of the production of components, procure purchased parts, assemble and commission your innovation.

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Goal: to illustrate the idea, design or functionality of a planned product in order to obtain user feedback. Mock-ups are also used in Design Sprints

A mock-up or demonstration model is a non-functional or only slightly functional demonstration model or dummy that is intended to illustrate the idea and its benefit behind it or the design and/or functionality of a planned product. It is also suitable for the modification of series products The production is kept as simple as possible, for example by using 3D printing, or anything from hard foam, sheet metal, wood, up to cardboard.

Function sample

Goal: Testing or verifying individual, critical sub-functions of the planned product.

The functional sample is only used to carry out tests and is constructed independently of the overall product as a single test carrier in such a way that the critical aspects of the function can be validated in series use, such as continuous load capacity, accuracy and repeatability. The functional sample is mostly produced from non-standard processes, unless these represent the critical aspect to be investigated.

Investor Sample / Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Goal: convincing demonstration of system-relevant technology of a new product

Potential investors want to see that the functional technology works in a new product before they invest in further development. In particular, start-ups that go after investors with this type of prototype often only have small budgets available for doing so. Our “intelligently slimmed-down prototypes” fulfil two tasks: they have to be as convincing and cost-effective as possible. Therefore, their functional scope is usually limited to the absolutely essential criteria. Secondary functions are simulated or realised with very simple means.

A Sample / Demonstrator

Goal: providing a confirmation about the overall function to validate the solution approach.

The A sample is intended to demonstrate the practical feasibility of a solution approach. It is therefore usually used for decision-making and detailing the specification. It usually has a functional scope restricted to important criteria with regard to customer and internal specifications, including the interfaces to the overall assembly. The A sample is not suitable for long-term testing. Production is carried out by hand using classic manufacturing processes and rapid prototyping technologies, as well as using as many standard components as possible. Existing products can also be modified to serve as technology carriers for new functions.

B Sample

Goal: testing of the entire functional scope

The B-model is used to check the complete scope of functions and the fulfilment of requirements of the overall system. B samples are also suitable for use in selected endurance tests. They serve to determine the necessary measures for the final detailed or series development, if necessary also for the release of the series tool construction. They are similar to A-samples and are also suitable for initial trials in the final application and on the test bench. The visual appearance, geometry and properties correspond to the series as far as possible, but fulfilment of the customer specification is not yet guaranteed in all points. The B sample is not yet suitable for continuous use under series conditions.

C sample

Goal: qualification for series production

The production of the components of the C sample is carried out as far as possible using series-production tools, which may not yet have been finalized, and near-series production processes. The C sample is suitable for tests to achieve technical approval, e.g. laboratory tests or assembly tests. It is also suitable for long-term testing. The C sample differs from the B sample in that the specification requirements are safely achieved. Exceptions are possible for criteria not relevant to service life, e.g. the surface quality of plastic parts. When assembling the C sample, manual assembly and manual final inspection are still permitted. The materials and the arrangement of the components, however, are final.

Testing – The Ultimate Proof

Our tests – performed on the test bench or in the hands of later users – reveal whether the physics really work as they are written and whether the user experience creates enthusiasm among the target group. The test results help us to optimize your product ifocussing on the right places. We are not satisfied until the prototype of your future product reliably fulfils all its tasks. In order to proceed effectively during testing, we first determine together with you which parameters are to be tested in which way and which quantitative and qualitative values must not be exceeded or fallen short of.

  1. We use functional tests to gain insight into whether a solution meets the functional requirements placed on it. Depending on the degree of maturity of the product development, we check individual, critical functions up to the overall function of a system.
  2. On the test bench, the prototype shows what it can and cannot do under continuous load. We identify suppliers with suitable equipment for you. If these can’t be found, we will be happy to implement your individual test stand solution. You can find more information on our special solutions here.
  3. In the hands of the target group, the prototype presents how well the idea behind it is received and, in a more mature state, how well its handling (usability) is assessed by the users. In so-called product clinics, we confront users with different variants of your product idea and thus find out which one is most attractive.
  4. In the test laboratory, the prototype must prove that it is CE-compliant. Anything from electromotive compatibility, drop test or any other necessary inspection that has to be carried out by a so-called “notified body”: we will help you to take all the necessary steps for a successful inspection.

In any case, we ensure that your customer is not the first person your product is tested on.

In the amazingly short time of a few weeks after a briefing, the tech-solute team presented us with convincing solution suggestions. The prototypes that were then ordered worked reliably and so we were able to inspire a major customer who cancelled their ongoing in-house development and replaced it with our suggestion. tech-solute modified the 3D model with the necessary technical adjustments to suit the customer, so that we were able to deliver a pilot series after an extremely short time and during the holiday period. In summary, with the expert and speedy support of tech-solute, we got the innovation project ready for series production in half the usual time and are now successful in the market. Because of the speed and competence in developing solution approaches, you have become our preferred external development partner.

Andreas Reichel, CEO APPARATEBAU GmbH, Laag-Neumarkt (BZ, Italy)

We take care of your prototype

We are known among our customers for our motto “Can’t do it” is not an option! With creativity and hands-on approach we take care of your request and get everything possible moving. 3D printers, metal cutting machines, laser cutters and a well-equipped in-house workshop form the basis for rapid prototype construction. Since various technologies are advancing very quickly, we arrange for selected components to be manufactured by long-standing partners from our network, who we know use the most modern technologies. We are not afraid to deal with unusual materials and manufacturing processes either. We keep searching until we find someone who can do what you are looking for.

Unique service

You come with your requirements and leave with a solution. That is our ambition. Everything that is required in between we consider to be our task.

Depending on the maturity of your product idea, we

  • develop it to the desired prototype maturity level (electronics, mechanics and software)
  • we design the production parts and create production drawings
  • we take care of CE conformity
  • procure and check all components and – if necessary – carry out reworking
  • we assemble the prototype and put it into operation
  • develop testing concepts and plans
  • put your prototype through its paces
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