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Turning your visions, product ideas and hitherto unsolved technical challenges into solutions that can be produced easily and cost-effectively in larger quantities is the mission of our work field “Developing Series Products”. Throughout all phases of the development process, right up to series production, our engineers and technicians are at your side as competent development partners. It makes no difference whether we deal with the development of mechanics, electronics or software, the entire product or only with individual components or assemblies, with special machines or large series products. Our aim is always to provide you with a result that is convincing in every respect.

In product development, tech-solute looks specifically into the most diverse sectors and beyond the technological horizons of its customers. “Thinking outside the box” is an important part of our formula for success We don’t reinvent everything. Often we simply take a “fresh look” from a different angle and discover possibilities that would otherwise remain hidden. Functional samples and prototypes that we produce in our own workshop provide evidence on the technical feasibility of the realization concepts we develope.

Develop a realisation concept using the example of a demolition hammer

Target Definition Workshops


Goal: specifications sheet, qualification plan

Only when we have understood exactly which requirements the solution to be developed has to fulfil from the point of view of the customer, the subsequent users, the purchasers and, if applicable, other stakeholders as well as the legislation, does the development of technical solutions make sense.. When creating or revising the specifications sheet together with our customers, we can be quite exhausting, because our experience has taught us that “every task is wrong, it’s just a question of how wrong”. With the qualification plan, we jointly determine which test parameters and acceptance criteria are to be used to evaluate the future solution. For efficiency reasons, we have packed this important first step of product development into a compact workshop format.

solutions: state of the art – and beyond


Goal: promising technical approach to a solution, rough draft of the requirements specification

By means of cross-industry research and experience from many different projects, we identify suitable functional principles for the individual functions of your planned product and test them for their adaptability. For those functions that urgently require a new solution approach, the creative development of novel functional principles takes place by the team, including the use of creativity techniques. With the help of morphological methods, we combine function-specific individual solutions into holistic approaches. Bby means of calculations and simulations, we then check where their technical limits are. We use patent searches to find out whether our solutions conflict with existing intellectual property rights and consider how these can be circumvented if necessary (more information can be found here (link Protect intellectual property)). To identify the best approach, we evaluate the mechanical, electronic and software consequences and the economic efficiency. Only when we are aware of all the consequences, opportunities and risks associated with a particular solution, as well as the necessary compromises, the final decision is reached together with our customers. Finally, the rough draft of the specifications is created for the selected solution approach, which we successively refine in the course of the project. The requirements sheet describes HOW the requirements of the specifications sheet are to be fulfilled in concrete terms.

Structure and validation of an A-sample

Goal: practical feasibility statement on the solution approach, identification of weak points

The A-sample (also called demonstrator) is used to confirm the feasibility of the critical functions of the pursued solution approach. The A-sample usually does not yet have much resemblance to the later series product, it is often built from rapid prototyping parts (e.g. 3D printing) or milled parts. For the control we use test circuits on protoboards and simulation software. In the A-sample phase, the subsequent feasibility in series production does not yet play a role. The aim is to identify where the solution approach has its weaknesses and to derive measures for further product development from this.Find out more about our prototyping options here.

Detailing the solution approach to a system concept


Goal: determination of the mechanical, electronic and software concept, refined requirement sheet

We develop solutions to detailed problems identified on the basis of the A-sample and lead the overall solution approach to an integrative system concept consisting of mechanics, electronics and software. At this stage, the design and material requirements and user interface requirements are taken into account. Potential series suppliers are pre-screened and up to date indicative price quotations are obtained. The further developed concept status also requires an update of the patent search and a renewed review of the conformity to standards. Manufacturing and assembly concepts are considered and possible sources of defects in the product are excluded by means of a concept FMEA and a hazard analysis. The requirement sheet is further detailed.

Structure and validation of a B-sample

Goal: identification of weak points and optimization measures for series development

The B-sample we design and build is similar to the series product in terms of appearance, geometry and properties; it consists as far as possible of final materials or alternatives that are close to the properties. The B sample is suitable for endurance testing of the entire range of functions and technical requirements. The aim of our field tests is to gain knowledge about weaknesses of the concept, especially with regard to handling, design, mountability and function under continuous load. At this point (at the latest), representatives of the later user group (lead users) should also be allowed to give their verdict on the product concept. If necessary, the concept is revised so that it meets all requirements and can be released for series development. Find out more about our prototyping options here.

We enjoy working with tech-solute because their methodology for finding solutions is pragmatic, determined and efficient. This also involves looking at other areas and technologies as well as analogies, for example in bionics. The tech-solute team is very well positioned in terms of knowledge and subject focus and complements each other perfectly. You notice a real "spirit of research" among the employees and a drive to always deliver the best solution. For us, tech-solute is a think tank with which we want to continue to develop unusual ideas into products in the future.

Ralph Diehl, Head of Development Home & Garden and Indoor Products, ALFRED KÄRCHER GmbH & Co. KG, Winnenden

Speaking of product design

The effect a product has on the consumer is one of the decisive factors for sales nowadays. Therefore the product design is an important part of the development of a product, especially a consumer good. However, it is not only the design that product designers have a positive influence on. They provide our engineers and technicians with important impulses for practical functions, such as functionality, ergonomics, safety, usability, user-friendliness, maintenance and care, and also for product-language or sensual functions, such as aesthetics of form, semantics, haptics, olfaction and symbolism. With the help of our partner network, we are able to integrate experienced product designers with different focuses into our development process. This is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it for products whose product language and sensual functions are decisive for the purchase. Do you have your own designer? No problem! We are happy to involve him or her in our development from the very start.

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