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The aim of our investigations in this field of work is to create a basis for decision-making about the feasibility of a project and to warn specifically against projects whose failure is foreseeable. Whilst organisational and economic feasibility, the availability of resources and the time required for implementation are best assessed by our clients, we are primarily in a position to tell you what potential your technology really has.

Assess feasibility. Basis for the decision to implement a project

It's refreshing to deal with an innovation service provider who actually "lives" modern innovation techniques and spontaneity in finding creative solutions every day, unlike many refurbished design offices, that just go through the motions. There is hardly an interim presentation where one is not surprised with fresh ideas for alternative future-oriented approaches. The flexibility in the workshop and in the engineers' minds combined with the perceptible academic spirit continue to make tech-solute attractive to us as a partner.

Markus Gessler, Head of Strategic Development, WINTERHALTER Gastronom GmbH, Meckenbeuren

tech-solute_Ansprechpartner-Oliver Seidel Entwicklungsleiter

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