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The Bruchsal company tech-solute has been known for first class development services since 2002. Together with our customers, we design pioneering solutions for all sectors of industry and all types of technical tasks. tech-solute is your reliable and strong partner. We support the realisation of your projects with our vast experience, excellent knowledge and expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technology. We work across industry for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation: we look forward to your projects and technical challenges. We offer you maximum flexibility, reliability and planning security. Develop the future together wih us! With tech-solute at your side you receive new impulses whenever you need them.

Years of experience and outstanding expertise

Our engineers and technicians develop visions, technical solutions and product ideas for companies that go beyond conventional solutions. Our innovation experts see themselves as a team that shapes the future together with you. We believe the creative force that generates productivity is found in the people who work in a company, not in production factors. For this reason we offer you ideas and strategies for the realisation of new products and product features as well as shaping the technical solution concepts. Rest assured – we always put quality first.

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Our passion: hands-on engineering

Our experts with backgrounds in mechanics, electronics, automotive, process and automation technology are united by their engineering spirit and their passion for their work. Every day, they develop innovative solutions for international customers throughout industry with a targeted, methodical approach. We approach projects from a new angle. Thinking differently. Our engineers are trained to break up existing structures and use cross-industry knowledge paired with open mindedness and systematic methodology. This way new paths and possibilities emerge for companies looking for fresh solutions and inventions in mechanics, electronics and mechatronics.

tech-solute creates innovations for industry

We are committed to making tech-solute into THE INNOVATION PARTNER for industry. Our goal is to inspire our customers. The basis for this is a strong team standing behind our values and ideas, committed to solving our customers' problems and continually moving tech-solute forward. Our team rocks! Our engineers are the backbone of our company and like a family to us – one we are very proud of.

Dr. Marcus Saak and Dr. Dirk Schweinberger, Founders and CEOs

Our team

Fiona Kerstgens-300

Fiona Kerstgens

Marketing & Sales Manager

+49 (0) 7251 93675-15


Thomas Wagner-300

Thomas Wagner

Innovation Engineer (Patents & Mechanics) / Head of Mechanical Production

Erwin Gabler

Inovation Engineer (Mechanics)

+49 (0) 7251 93675-47


Anne Schröck-300

Anne-Kathrin Schröck

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

Simon Weber

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

+49 (0) 7251 93675-23


Andreas Tilch-300

Andreas Tilch

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics & Aerospace Technology)


Bastian Wittreck

Head of Electronics Development

Colin Ketterlin-300

Colin Ketterlin

Innovation Technician (Mechanics)

Dominik Rupp-IT-Manager bei tech-solute GmbH5U3A1459-2

Dominik Rupp

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics) / IT Manager

Jörg Scheuer-300

Jörg Scheuer

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics) / Expert for Special Machinery

Dirk Schweinberger-300

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Schweinberger

Founder & CEO / Innovation Expert

Jonas Sommer-300

Jonas Sommer

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

Matthias Bönisch-300

Matthias Bönisch

Innovation Engineer (Electronics)

Dario Nickel

Innovation Engineer (Electronics & Mechatronics)

+49 7251 93675-65


Christoph Belz

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

+49 (0) 7251 93675-27


Martin Mucha-300

Martin Mucha

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

Marcus Saak-300

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Saak

Founder & CEO / Quality Expert

Max Stieler-300

Max Stieler

Innovation Engineer (Mechanics)

Niclas Thomas-300

Niclas Thomas

Innovation Expert (Mechanics)

Oliver Seidel-300

Oliver Seidel

Head of Overall Development

+49 (0) 7251 93675-21


Thomas Wagner-300

Thomas Wagner

Innovation Engineer (Patents & Mechanics) / Head of Mechanical Production

+49 (0) 7251 93675-41


Raphael Statz

Innovation Engineer (Electronics)

+49 7251 93675-62


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How it all began

The idea for the “Ideas Motor“ was born at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT). Innovation research at the Institute for Product Development (IPEK) brought the CEOs together and was the main impulse for founding tech-solute. It became obvious that companies with technical challenges benefited greatly from alternative methods of troubleshooting combined with viewing projects from a fresh angle in a structured innovation process. tech-solute was founded on 1. Mai 2002 and focused on mechanics. Shortly afterwards electronics were added to the portfolio. Meanwhile tech-solute has acquired a reputation for excellence throughout Germany and beyond as an expert for innovation and quality. Many companies rely on us as their regular partner for exploring new paths in technology. We will always stay true to our roots as product developers and troubleshooters. Meanwhile the company is based in the digital hub “HubWerk01” at TRIWO Technopark in Bruchsal.

A flexible and strong team

In 2007 tech-solute received the Innovation Prize of the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe and the Cyberchampion Special Prize awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg In 2014 tech-solute was honoured to once again receive the prize for “Exemplary Service Innovation“ awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Baden-Württemberg, thus belonging to the three most innovative service providers in the federal state. Our success and the constant acquisition of new customers confirm that we are pursuing the right course. We intend to grow whilst retaining the advantages associated with small enterprises, such as the flexibility, that our customers so much appreciate. The ongoing expansion of the Expert Network we have built will ensure that we can meet all our customers technological challenges in future, too. If necessary, we bring in appropriate external specialists (e.g. suppliers of specific technologies, development partners, universities) to complement our teams when solving complex tasks that require special expertise.

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