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Good is not good enough

Do you want to improve existing products and thus gain market share or earn more on the individual product? Products become less attractive to buyers when the competition has more to offer. Our “revitalisation” ensures that you do not lose your customers to the competition. There is an urgent need for action especially if your products are in danger of no longer really being distinguishable from comparable, often cheaper products of the competition. We identify how your existing products and the services associated with them can be made even more useful and attractive to stakeholders, or what measures you can take to increase the contribution margin of your products. Regardless of whether you want to reduce manufacturing costs, optimise properties or reduce the number of variants: we provide you with an objective assessment of the current status, the systematic procedure for developing optimisation measures and the overview of technical alternatives to achieve noticeable improvements.

Improve products - benchmarking

My internal capacities are fully planned for projects and cross-sectional tasks and it is difficult to adequately accommodate additional impulses or technical tasks. Accordingly, it is very valuable to have a service provider who can fill this gap exactly and who considers this to be his task. That's why I appreciate tech-solute's flexibility and willingness to take on new, tricky technical tasks at a moment's notice. When it is also possible to establish specific product know-how step by step, the cooperation becomes fast and efficient producing very good results. We have been able to observe this time and again in the past.

Dr. Georg Maier, Senior Head of Department Chainsaw Cutting Set, ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, Waiblingen

A neutral view paired with inventive spirit

Our neutral view and objective judgement give us an advantage over our customers. Identified product weaknesses are countered by optimisation proposals. In particular we think of alternative functional principles, as these offer greater potential than the optimisation of details. Here we benefit from our cross-sector activity. Our inventive spirit comes into play when implementing measures to improve your products.

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