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Tailor-made troubleshooting

You have tricky tasks that require engineering spirit, but you lack your own resources to get ahead? The fire brigade comes when there is a fire – we come when the situation is pressing. Our engineers and technicians are proven troubleshooters and see things that tend to remain hidden through “company spectacles”. We search for the causes of problems and provide you with solutions that are as easy to implement as possible.

Challenge us, we are sure to find a solution!

The tech-solute experts solve technical problems on a special machine

Engineering Fire Brigade

Goal: to solve your technical problem

The types of problems and challenges faced by our customers vary completely. Some don’t know how to solve a technical problem with a product or in its manufacturing process, others lack a neutral view, while yet others need a technically versed opinion on a pressing issue. So far, we have always been able to help, sometimes by finding a suitable partner. Simply contact us if you are at a loss. It costs nothing to ask!

10 good reasons for solving problems with tech-solute


We are not deterred by any problems


We take your problem very seriously


We do not have your "company glasses" on


We have a lot of experience in the field of problem solving


We think outside the box, are creative and have innovative ideas


Our team is very solution-oriented


We know many solutions from different areas of technology


For tricky cases we use a scientifically based problem-solving process


We are engineers with a strong hands-on mentality


Our large network of partners helps us if we are ever unsure of what to do.

We have benefited greatly from the discussion with you and the results you have produced. They enabled us to put our approach to the test and optimize it. For further projects, we will use this approach and apply it accordingly.

Anja Fernandez, Global Marketing Director & Portfolio Strategy, ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, Kehl

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