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From production-ready design to series production

In the series development process, the product and its individual components are further developed until they are ready for series production. This ensures the process capability of the product for series production, i.e. its overall manufacturability. Usually multiple design adjustments and optimisations are required. In this phase, the focus is on extensive coordination with production and suppliers and other logistical issues in the course of the detailed design of components optimised for manufacturing costs and production – always taking into account the deadline for the planned start of production, which must be met without fail.

tech-solute takes concepts to series maturity

Elaboration of a design suitable for production

Goal: Design that can be produced with common technologies, manufacturing documents

This most extensive step in the development process aims to further develop the product concept to the point where manufacturing is unproblematic. When working out a design that is suitable for production, we pursue product design measures that ensure that the product can be manufactured as easily as possible, thereby minimising production costs and times and ensuring compliance with production-dependent quality characteristics. In doing so, we not only observe the basic rules of design, “simple, clear and safe”, we also strive to choose manufacturing tolerances that are as rough as possible in order to enable simpler manufacturing processes and require as few reworking steps as possible. Furthermore, in this step we optimise the product with regard to geometry, costs, assembly, creation of variants, modular principle, etc. and apply Design for X (DfX) methods for this purpose. We regularly check the suitability of the design with computational verifications and finite element methods (FEM) and create production-ready drawings from the 3D CAD model, which we approve with qualified suppliers. CE conformity of the new product is another goal to be achieved in this phase (further inormation on our CE-Management here). At this stage we are also considering how to package the product. For this purpose, we work together with packaging designers, who in turn coordinate with selected manufacturers. Are durability tests required? In this case we also start developing suitable test equipment and initial drafts for test instructions and release documents. The detailing of the assembly process with the associated assembly instructions and the development of assembly aids are just as much a part of this work step as the final review of the patent situation and the conformity to standards. Further tasks are the finalisation of the hazard analysis and the functional specification, the creation of a process FMEA, coordination with testing authorities (e.g. TÜV, DEKRA). The construction is now designed to be suitable for pre-series production, as are the electronics and software. The necessary production documents are available so that the production of the C sample can be started.

Construction and validation of the C sample

Goal: Technical approval, design freeze, final specifications

The production parts of the C sample are manufactured with series tools. These so-called “first off tool parts” are untested and without corrections and usually still have small errors and dimensional deviations. However, the C sample provides valuable information on whether everything works and fits together as planned and is suitable for tests to achieve technical approval, e.g. laboratory tests or assembly trials. C samples are also suitable for endurance testing.
The goal of our field tests is the 95% verification of the requirements specified for the product. At the end of this phase, all technical issues must be solved and the producibility confirmed. Now the design freeze is carried out, i.e. no design elements are modified from this point on. Find out more about our prototyping options here.

Support during the pre-series phase

Goal: confirmed specifications, built pre-series, confirmed producibility

The task of the pre-series phase is to verify all assumptions of the specifications and to prove the producibility under series conditions. To achieve this, we help implement the following tasks in this phase: development of test equipment for quality assurance in series production, validation of assembly aids and assembly instructions by means of trial assemblies, supervision of tool construction and any necessary tool corrections. Change requests from production side in the design including design and drawing adaptations must also be checked and implemented. The quality check of the first and second samples, finalisation of the process FMEA and logistics planning conclude the pre-series phase.

Support during the pilot series

Goal: established pilot series, confirmed process reliability

By pilot series we mean saleable parts made from series-produced, adjusted tools, which have been produced using series-production processes and have been assembled and tested under series-production conditions.
In this phase, our list of tasks includes in particular the inspection, assembly, commissioning and testing of the pre-series parts with regard to fatigue strength and ageing resistance. The supervision and documentation of process safety and coordination with suppliers and customers are also tasks in which we are happy to support you in order to provide final proof of the process safety of the procedures and to complete the technical preparations for the market launch.

Support during the start of series production

Goal: production of starting quantity and provision for sale

In the series start-up phase (also known as ramp-up), the so-called start-up management has the task of coordinating all activities in the transition phase from development to production. In the field of production and manufacturing, the ramp-up phase represents the production lead time needed to set up the system in such a way that the desired finished product can be produced. The actual production process is thus started, but can be modified within certain limits. A further focus in this phase is on the logistical requirements of the series production. The aim is to achieve stable production by ensuring the on-time availability of all components on a sustainable basis, among other things. During the ramp-up phase, we are happy to assist you as technical advisors.

tech-solute is an important partner in the development of our decentralised drive technology. With professional competence and a wealth of ideas, the tasks are handled reliably and quickly. People have the courage to question existing solutions and react flexibly to change requests, which is typical of interdisciplinary product development. tech-solute fulfills our requirements for a high-quality development partner in the best possible way.

Dr. Hans Krattenmacher, Head of Electronics Development, SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG, Bruchsal

My-expert.net: the expert network for excellent product development

True to the motto “a cobbler should stick to his last” and our claim to only provide services in which we feel absolutely confident, we involve selected partners from our network in individual phases of series development if necessary or hand over work packages to them – naturally in consultation with you. To ensure that there is no loss of efficiency due to a lack of coordination, we coordinate the tasks with scheduled partners in the early phases of pre-development.
The reason for active “networking” is to offer clients only services in which one is verifiably excellent. Behind this is also the intention to develop employees in the areas in which they are already excellent and to avoid investments that are only aimed at “catching up” with better players. tech-solute’s management appeals: “Let the top players become our partners”. Our declared goal: we concentrate on our strengths and combine them with our partners to form a powerful developer network that is capable of successfully tackling even highly complex projects. tech-solute has proven time and time again, that project management is one of our strengths.

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