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Since 2002, tech-solute has established a reputation as THE IDEAS ENGINE for clients from a wide range of industries Our team of almost 30 experienced engineers and technicians is united by a passion for unconventional and clever ideas. Our developing skills in mechanics, electronics and software allow us to venture deeply into the technical material. We take the future users viewpoint and use our special methodology and our impartiality to create solutions beyond the conventional.

tech-solute is your number one project partner for developing target-oriented product innovations and significantly improving performance and competitiveness of existing products.


Services for startups and investors?

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tech-solute: as versatile as our customers

tech-solute works for all kinds of companies, from small startups to large enterprises. They all benefit from the extensive and ongoing experience of our engineers and innovation experts in a vast range of technical sectors, opening up many new alternative approaches. We get constant positive feedback from customers who value our solutions.

As an engineering company with many years of experience we make a point of questioning conventional approaches. Our motto is “think outside the box!“. We complement your individual know-how with a combination of open-mindedness, unconventionality and creative thinking to develop innovative technical solutions.


We enjoy working with tech-solute because their methodology for finding solutions is pragmatic, determined and efficient. This also involves looking at other areas and technologies as well as analogies, for example in bionics. The tech-solute team is very well positioned in terms of knowledge and subject focus and complements each other perfectly. You notice a real "spirit of research" among the employees and a drive to always deliver the best solution. For us, tech-solute is a think tank with which we want to continue to develop unusual ideas into products in the future.

Ralph Diehl, Head of Development Home & Garden and Indoor Products, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG Winnenden

What’s on your mind? We’ll make it our priority!

Our mission is to accept your challenges as our own and bring them to success through creativity, expertise and team spirit. With hands-on mentality, inventiveness and engineering spirit paired with cross-industry experience, tech-solute will support you in becoming the number one. Are you looking for a team to develop your ideas? Do you want to enhance the attractiveness of your product? Or are you challenged by an insoluble technical problem? What type are you? Whatever your needs – you’re spot on with tech-solute!

Development of serial products - creating realisation concepts

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10 good reasons for working with tech-solute


We reach your goals fast, reliably and professionally.


We think proactively – always considering your long-term interests


We look beyond the obvious and contribute real innovation


Our know-how is cross-industrial


We take an independent, agile and flexible approach


We offer you partnership on an equal footing


If there are uncertainties, we can take the initiative.


Our extensive experience minimises your risk


We provide mechanics, electronics and software from one source


We are engineers with a strong hands-on mentality

Our engineering teams are put together individually according to your needs. We work independently to save your resources, whilst conferring closely with you on every important step. You can be sure: we always have your project goals and special wishes in mind. Each cooperation starts with an intensive exchange of information, enabling us to carry through the project as autonomously as possible

Your advantage: you can be sure of a permanent contact person throughout the project, to keep you up to date on progress at regular intervals and to deal with all upcoming issues and discuss your wishes.

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