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Patents prevent the theft of your invention. You prevent others from registering your invention and, in the worst case, stop you from using your own technology. A patent is also a suitable measure if you yourself are not considering commercialising your invention, but others have an interest in doing so. An Industrial Property Right is a good basis for licensing your technology. Or do you simply want to prevent others from using your idea? In that case, a patent is a good way to secure the right to exclude others from using your invention for a period of about 20 years in most cases. It can also make sense for strategic reasons to apply for patents that you may not even want to use yourself, for example to secure a technological area.
Whatever the reason: We will help you to protect your idea.

Protecting intellectual property with patent search and patenting

Researching and evaluating patents

Goal: identification of existing and conflicting Industrial Property Rights in selected technology areas.

You would like to know whether your invention is subject to third-party property rights or whether patents have expired that you can use for your project? Would you like to know which technologies your competitors are developing or would you like to find out about the state of the art in certain technology areas? We search for relevant patent documents and applications in databases in Germany, Europe and worldwide to provide you with the required overview.

Assess and increase the property right potential of your invention

Goal: gain knowledge about the protection possibilities of your invention and how these can be increased if necessary.

You have an invention and would like to protect it as comprehensively as possible? We are happy to take a look at your development, assess the level of invention, analyse the technology used and research the relevant patent classes for existing Industrial Property Rights in order to assess the potential for how best to protect your intellectual property. If you wish, we will also consider measures to improve the protection possibilities of your invention, for example through technological measures or clever subclaims.

Developing patent bypass solutions

Goal: circumventing obstructive property rights of third parties

As professional product developers, one of our daily challenges is to invent innovative solutions. Experience has shown that in most cases we are able to find ways to bypass a patent that stands in the way of your project. Perhaps it is also of interest to you – from a strategic point of view – to make it more difficult for your competitors to imitate you by offering as many protected alternative solutions as possible? Whatever you have in mind, we are happy to be your creative partner!

Initiating and accompanying a patent application

Goal: register your own property right

You would like to protect your invention and apply for an Industrial Property Right? You have the option of doing this with a patent attorney. It is cheaper if the lawyer only takes the steps that are absolutely necessary. Beyond this, we can advise you very competently from a technical point of view. We support you in researching and in formulating patent texts, we provide you with competent patent attorneys and are happy to assist you in all other steps as an experienced sparring partner in this matter.

Double benefit from the cooperation with tech-solute

By the way: when we develop solutions for our customers, they benefit twice over. Not only do they receive a convincing result, but also the right to have it protected – at no extra charge. It is stated in our offers:

“We shall notify the customer without delay of protectable inventions (in particular patentable, usable, designable inventions) that are made in the course of the development order of tech-solute, transfer the rights thereto to the customer or, in the case of copyrights, grant the customer an exclusive, irrevocable right of use. The remuneration for the transfer of the rights to the development results is included in the agreed remuneration for the contract development.”

In short, if we come up with an idea that is worthy of protection, it is part of the work results and thus included in the price and belongs to you alone. You then can decide whrether or not you will apply for a patent. If you decide on applying for a patent, we will be happy to help you take the necessary steps.

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