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Does the technology work in practice as it does in theory?

The examination of technical feasibility is of particular importance in innovation projects. It is essential to demonstrate -before the actual product development begins-that the underlying technology is actually suitable for the task and does not contradict known technical contexts. Our experts have a lot of experience and quickly recognise possible challenges that still need to be solved. We gladly take on the task of finding out what the technical feasibility of your idea is.

Two electrical engineers test a component under varying conditions

Technology assessments

Goal: theoretical evaluation of the suitability of a technology for your product idea

Our technology assessments are theoretical in nature and primarily aim to research and compile existing knowledge required for the initial principle suitability assessment of a technology. What are the chances and risks, what is the current state of development, what are the application limits, does the technology offer sufficient potential for use in your product idea? These are just some of the questions we answer for you by means of our research, calculations and expert interviews.

Experimental knowledge gain

Goal: practical evaluation of the suitability of a technology for your product idea

We put your technology to the test – literally. Using functional prototypes and individually developed test set-ups, we identify the practical limits of your favoured technology. On the one hand, our methodological investigations focus on gaining empirical knowledge by specifically changing relevant influencing variables and investigating the effects. On the other hand, the goal of our experimental knowledge gain is to derive suitable measures and ideas on how the technology must be adapted so that it can be used in the best possible way for your task.

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