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Become more productive through automation

By means of automation technology, machines can carry out simple, monotonous and above all dangerous tasks largely independently, but also those tasks that place high demands on accuracy or speed. Especially when producing large quantities, an automated process is usually much more productive than manual work.

tech-solute has its own team of specialists for the development of automation solutions and, in particular, special machines and systems. We are specialists for breaking new ground. We are not afraid to risk the unknown, even on a large scale, because we know how to proceed to ensure the overall function we are aiming for. The experience of our employees covers a wide range of different types of machines: from automatic welding machines to laser systems, milling and punching machines to food processing systems and packaging machines. Of course, we also include the possibilities of robotics in our solution ideas.

We use the tried and tested and create new products: from the blank sheet to commissioning. We have CE conformity in mind from the very first drafts and continuously pursue it throughout the entire development process. Hazard analysis including the implementation of measures, EMC and IP tests as well as documentation come from a single source. As a customer, you are always kept up to date and can observe and influence the development of your system. Whether ATEX, FDA or harsh environments, we have experience in many areas.

Developing special machines

With the new welding robot, customers all over the world will benefit from a significantly improved quality of their security paper in the future. Our ideas and impulses were quickly and consistently taken up and implemented by tech-solute. We particularly like the flexibility with which tech-solute handles the tasks and also takes changes in requirements into account during the project. Creative solutions are quickly found for tricky technical details and validated by means of practical tests. The complete support from a single provider – from project planning, development, machine construction and documentation to patent application – saves us a lot of effort and time. That is why we are happy to continue working with tech-solute on innovation projects in the future.

Bernd Heitzmann, Technical Managing Director, SCHOEN+SANDT MACHINERY GmbH, Pirmasens

The close linking of requirements and axis lists, flow charts, hazard analyses, parts lists and circuit diagrams ensures a smooth production and installation process. We flexibly adapt to our customer’s ideas concerning the location and distribution of tasks when setting up the system. Everything is possible with us, from the joint installation project to the delivery of the finished system.

Our module concept in design and construction is directly coordinated with the electrical engineering department. In this way, we prevent any frictional losses in the advance. We see ourselves in the best possible situation when it comes to the development of new machines and are ready to take on any challenge.

Effective interaction of mechanics, electrical engineering and software – our modular concept

In many mechanical engineering companies, customer requirements are start to take shape in the mechanical development department. Gradually, the electrical and drive technology is added, and finally the programming. The problem: due to a different understanding of modularisation and insufficient coordination among the disciplines involved, a lot of time is spent retracing each other’s work steps, finding workarounds for functions that are necessary but hadn’t been considered, and fixing errors. “Bring all disciplines together right from the start” is tech-solute’s credo. But we go far beyond that to: using our proven modular concept we take the efficieny of developing special machines to the next level.

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