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Turning your visions, product ideas and hitherto unsolved technical challenges into solutions that can be produced easily and cost-effectively in larger quantities is the mission of our work field Developing Series Products. Throughout all phases of the development process, right up to series production, our engineers and technicians are at your side as competent development partners. It makes no difference to us whether we are involved in the development of mechanics, electronics or software. We will support you in the development of the entire product or only with individual components or assemblies. Our aim is always to provide you with a result that is convincing in every respect.

In product development, tech-solute looks specifically into the most diverse sectors and beyond the technological horizons of its customers. “Thinking outside the box” is an important part of our formula for success We don’t reinvent everything. Often we simply take a “fresh look” from a different angle and discover possibilities that would otherwise remain hidden. Functional samples and prototypes that we produce in our own workshop provide evidence on the technical feasibility of the realization concepts we develope.

Mutual trust in addition to technical professionalism, is an essential success factor for the efficient implementation of development projects. We have learned to appreciate the open and fair cooperation with the tech-solute team as well as the respectful and compromising way of dealing with each other – even in difficult development phases.

Ulrich Stemick, Head of Development and Engineering, GRUNDFOS Water Treatment GmbH, Pfinztal

Developing series products - mechanical engineers at tech-solute

Mechanics, electronics and software from a single source

Many products today are mechatronic systems, i.e. they consist of mechanical and electronic subsystems that are controlled via software. In order to achieve functioning results in the development of mechatronic products, tech-solute relies on the close cooperation of the specialist disciplines of mechanics, electronics/electrical engineering, control technology and IT in individually assembled development teams right from the start of each project. Of course, we also take on tasks in individual disciplines.

Our electronics and software developers have extensive experience in the areas of sensor technology drive technology, measurement, and control technology, process engineering, battery technology, energy harvesting, Internet of Things (IoT), system and error analysis, Semiconductor Technology, PCB Technology, Micro Controller and Human Machine Interfaces.

This is what we specialize in:

tech-solute develops Mechanics

  • Finding ideas and solutions
    (research & creative work)
  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Design and calculation, flow chart generation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Patent research and analysis
  • Simulation
    • FEM
    • Modal analysis
    • Stiffness optimization
    • weight optimization
  • CAD design
    (Solid Works, Solid Edge, Creo etc.)
  • Components and supplier research
  • Functional sample and prototype construction
  • Testing
  • CE preparatory measures: hazard analyses, parts lists, spare parts lists, maintenance plans
  • Package optimisation
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics
  • (Re)Design to Cost
  • FDA and ATEX compliance

tech-solute develops Electronics

  • Finding ideas and solutions
    (research & creative work)
  • Product development incl. Functional sample and prototype construction
  • Technology consulting
  • Test conception / testing / error analysis
  • CE management / safety consulting
  • Embedded circuit design with Altium and EPLAN (digital and analogue):
    • Measurement technology / sensor systems
    • Energy-efficient circuit design (low-power systems)
  • Energy supply for embedded systems:
    • Power supplies
    • Battery technology incl. Battery management
    • Energy harvesting
  • PCB layouting (Altium)
    • Housing integration
    • Assembly
    • Miniaturization
  • Mathematical analysis:
    • Modelling and simulation of mechanisms
    • Mathematical methods: regression calculation (MLR), numerical optimization calculation, frequency analysis (FFT), interpolation, extrapolation

tech-solute develops Software

  • Creative generation of ideas and solutions
  • Embedded firmware development:
    • Microcontroller (manufacturers: nRF, ST, languages: C, C++)
    • Communication interface design (Bluetooth, WLAN, RFID, NFC, RS232, RS485, USB, UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, REST)
    • Linux (Ubuntu, Raspbian) with programming (bash, Perl, Python, C#, Java) and system configuration (cron, system services, apache, SSH, FTP, SSL, TLS)
    • Prototyping: ST Nucleo Boards / Raspberry PI / Arduino
  • Software development in general:
    • GUI development[C# Java] incl. Server backend
    • HMI development (GUI, Web, App) incl. Server backend
    • App development (Android) incl. Server backend
    • Test automation
    • Software architecture [XML]
    • Communication security, encryption
    • Sound design (Cubase, Logic)
    • System and error analysis
  • Machine learning
    • Artificial neural networks (ANN)
    • Fuzzylogic
    • Image recognition
    • Speech recognition
    • Gesture detection

Digitalisation, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0

These buzz words have an impact on our daily lives and can be unsettling for many companies. Are we really behind? Can we still catch up in time? Or have we already lost? How do we catch up? Don’t let it worry you! These themes did not emerge overnight. Modern buzzwords only express what has been developing technologically for many years. The most important thing is that there is a benefit behind everything you tackle – either for the buyers and users of your products or for your company itself. Apart from that, the simple recipe applies: “only as much as necessary!” You can rely on us helping you to find the right measure and accompany you competently on the way to your digital benefit innovation.

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Agile development

Don’t leave product development to chance. It is better to follow a proven development process that also corresponds to the established procedures in most companies. Even if our customers prefer a waterfall model, a V-model or an individual approach, experience has shown that it is no problem for us to adapt to this. In every case, we pursue the goal of speaking the same language as our clustomers right from the start.
That is the special feature of our approach: a very flexible product development. Changing boundary conditions in the project, unforeseeable challenges, changed requirements for the solution and learning from experimentation and failure require constant adaptation without breaking budgets and resources. We have been striving for many years to make our actions efficient, economical and agile. To this end, we have dealt intensively with SCRUM engineering and agile techniques. The result is a step-by-step approach accompanied by consistent project controlling and the daily answering of the question, “What is the next best step to take?” to be decided jointly by a team of mechanical, electronic and software developers.

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