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Quality means far more than just meeting all requirements

Your product is “fit for purpose” if it meets the expectations of your stakeholders – e.g. customers, users, clients, etc. Loosely translated, it means: the product “fulfils the purpose”. This quality requirement – the fulfilment of expectations and goals – encompasses more than “just” the fulfilment of specifications and requirements that are quantifiable, i.e. measurable (so-called technical quality). Breaking strength, resilience, durability, etc. are definitely important quality criteria. However, the subjective, customer-related understanding of quality is just as much in focus for us when we think about increasing your product quality.

Identification of quality weak points by means of FMEA and FTA

Identification of quality weaknesses by means of FMEA, FTA and more

Goal: identification of quantifiable technical risks

Do the users of your products complain about functional weaknesses whose causes remain hidden to you? We support you in finding the causes of errors. We have our own specialised team that deals specifically with risk prevention in products and processes. Discover more on securing quality.

The critical view – weak point analysis from an expert's hand

Goal: uncovering application-side, subjective and technology-related weaknesses

Are you unsure whether undiscovered sources of defects in your product could cause unpleasant surprises? Are you worried that buyers and users may be or already are dissatisfied with your product? We analyse your product with an unbiased view and a lot of experience with regard to weak points, functional and application risks as well as potential sources of error. We obtain a first impression of handling and functionality from ad-hoc testing through our usability experts before we identify conspicuous conceptual, safety-critical and design features in an in-depth analysis. Optionally, we can provide you with analyses of compliance with standards, a system/design FMEA and concrete solutions to problems. Our result gives you peace of mind that your customer will come back, not your product.

User analyses

Goal: identifying weaknesses in product usability, potential for improvement in your product.

Improve your products by identifying errors and difficulties in the handling of your products. We film people using your devices and, if desired, also those of your competitors, to determine potential for improvement. We also deliberately look at phases outside the actual product application, such as product preparation and post-processing. The compiled footage helps us to identify recurring problems and to draw comparisons among the products. A fantastic indicator for the direction of your product optimization.

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