The financial injection for your innovation project

tech-solute was authorised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to be a go-inno consulting company in 2015. The goal of the go-inno programme is to increase the innovative strength and competitiveness of small enterprises in the commercial sector, including the skilled trades. tech-solute may issue a maximum of five innovation vouchers per year to eligible companies, with which consulting services by tech-solute are funded with a total of up to € 20,000 per year.

What is funded?

Förderbaustein 1

Analysis of potential (subsidy max. 5,500€)

Preliminary examination of marketability including observation of competitors and protective rights if apllicable

Preliminary examination of technical feasibility

Assessment of realisation cost

Qualitative assessment of success

Research for suitable public funding programmes

Förderbaustein 2

Realisation concept (subsidy max. 13,750€)

Technology evaluation on the basis of market assessments and market analysis

Creative workshop (Design-Sprint, innovation workshop)

Design of a technical / technological realisation concept including CAD model

Design of an organisational and financial realisation concept

Determination of a suitable external technology provider and help with initiation of collaboration

Computational design and load analyses (e.g. FEM)

Design of manufacturing concept Determination of suitable suppliers

Consulting with regard to establishing or expanding innovation management

Information on public funding programmes to finance the innovation project

Accompaniment to necessary discussions with banks or venture capital companies

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euronorm project sponsor of go-inno
Two electrical engineers test a component under varying conditions

Premises for receiving a go-Inno funding

  1. The idea to be funded concerns a new or improved product or respective process. For example the use of a new technology (it need not necessarily be a market novelty)
  2. Company is located in Germany
  3. < 100 employees
  4. Annual turnover/balance sheet total < 20 mio. €
  5. Obvious technical and economic risk. Not permissible are further developments of existing products or processes by combining marketable purchased parts (no technical risk), as well as topics that represent a mere implementation of legal obligations or aesthetic product modifications (e.g. design, colouring, styling).


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