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Most products can be technically improved, as often, their development took place under time and cost pressure, which meant that the best solution was not always chosen. This is a good place to start looking for better alternatives. But what actually makes users and consumers find products attractive? The ultimate design goal is for products that, on the one hand, support their task completion effectively and efficiently (usability), and on the other hand, go beyond mere usefulness and give the user pleasure and fun, e.g. by making the product particularly stimulating or communicating a certain image through its design. Within the scope of this field of work, we support you in identifying opportunities for improvement and finding suitable ideas for implementation so that your product will be at the forefront in terms of attractiveness in the future.

Making products attractive to consumers

User & Buyer Experience – Workshops

Goal: identification of product features with low importance for the user

What can be done to make our product more attractive to buyers and users? What unique selling proposition (USP) can we use to set ourselves apart from the competition? Our User & Buyer Experience Workshop answers precisely these questions. The “user experience” describes all aspects of a user’s impressions when interacting with your product. We “add” the buyer to the user and look at the entire experience cycle with your product, starting with information procurement and purchase, delivery, commissioning, through use to disposal. In the workshop we moderate, you and your team develop approaches to create attractive features differentiating from your competitors using defined benefit levers (e.g. simplify, reduce risk, increase pleasure). In doing so, you also specifically consider the possibilities of digitalisation and new business models.

This additional investment in your product has to be economised somewhere else? In a Kano workshop, we identify, on request, product features with low importance for the user, which usually offer savings potential.

What’s next? In the course of a design sprint, you concretise your measures for increasing attractiveness and test them on representatives of the target group. Learn more

Product benchmarking

Goal: In-depth technical comparison of products, improvement/simplification potentials regarding your product.

The “benchmark” is usually the market leader in the product segment. We compare functionality, usability, technologies, design, packaging and other features of your product with this and other market competitors, with the aim of identifying potential for improvement. For this purpose, the devices undergo an objective analysis marathon, which we meticulously document. First, we examine the usability and performance before we disassemble the products within the scope of a so-called product reverse engineering and identify the constructive causes for their advantages and disadvantages, also clarifying whether an additional effort generates appropriate functional improvements or a reduced effort does not entail an excessive functional deterioration.

Persona workshops

Goal: understanding the needs of your target groups, the basis for deriving benefit innovations

The persona method is the tool of our needs and target group analyses. A persona represents a fictitious archetype for a group of users. Concrete requirements for the characteristics of products can be derived from analysing each relevant persona. Create your personas with us. In our persona workshops we work with you to create the personas that are relevant for your product and put ourselves in their position. This will help you to get to know your customers better and thus tailor your products, services and marketing measures to their needs and wishes.

User analyses

Goal: identification of weaknesses in product usability, potential for improvement of your product.

Improve your products by identifying errors and difficulties in the handling of your products. We film people using your devices and, if desired, also those of your competitors, to determine potential for improvement. We also deliberately look at phases outside the actual product application, such as product preparation and post-processing. The compiled footage helps us to identify recurring problems and to draw comparisons among the products. A fantastic indicator for the direction of your product optimization.

tech-solute proved to be an innovative and agile partner throughout the project – from pre-development to prototype construction. We thank you for the good cooperation.

Anja Fernandez, Global Marketing Director & Portfolio Strategy, ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, Kehl

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