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A product is only as good as the idea behind it

Whether you are looking to develop a new product or an innovative product feature – we deliver marketable ideas that awaken desire. Innovation initiatives do not necessarily have to lead to a completely new product. Often small improvements to existing products or new innovative services that create enthusiasm are your key to success. Regardless of which path you choose to take: Everything begins with a good idea. Don’t take the very first idea that you come up with. We’ll help you to generate a whole load of good ideas.

Deisgn sprint. Develop ideas and get feedback

Ideas booster

Goal: creative and unusual ideas, e.g. for new products and technical solutions.

Our recipe for an explosion of ideas that will gain your employees’ support: Idea generation in two steps. In the first step, tech-solute develops unbiased approaches to solution for your task – with high creativity and a targeted review of other industries. The outcome is “impulse ideas” that we combine, in the second step, with the experience of your employees in a joint ideas workshop, to create unconventional ideas that your team also believes in. Why does this work so well? From experience we know that tech-solute, as a technology universalist with knowledge of solutions and trends in many product areas, develops ideas along different lines from your specialists, who work under the time pressure of day-to-day business and are often required to choose known and proven solutions. Experience has shown that these “impulse ideas” provide valuable stimuli that encourage people to depart from existing lines of thought and explore previously unconsidered – or even as yet unknown – paths towards solutions.

Design sprints


Goal: collective awareness of targeted users and target groups, promising product idea, team flow

Do you want to offer your target group a very specific benefit in the future? Within four to five workshop days we develop a product idea together, and test it on representatives of the target group. Using demonstrators that are as simple as possible (e.g. with the help of 3D printing or handicraft materials), a first tested version is available after just a few days, which can then be optimized and further developed. It is precisely this feedback at the end that creates awareness among the participants for the users and the target group: What is important to them? What has to be considered for the future product? How can you create additional value for the user? The biggest and most important benefit, however, remains the common understanding created for the challenge at hand and the common goal. This momentum, this drive, is difficult to realise in the conventional office environment.


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