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What do all company founders, start-ups and other newcomers have in common? They are on first-name terms, that’s why we are too. If you have something in mind that requires technical expertise and engineering spirit, but your strengths lie elsewhere, talk to us! When you feel insecure, having a strong partner by your side is very valuable. We are happy to take on this part, especially if you want to turn your innovative idea into reality. Regardless of what idea is driving you: We will take you by the hand and accompany you until you have a confident feeling.

Sometimes, as a tech start-up, you just need a little help getting started. With tech-solute we found a partner who gave us the necessary security during the first steps and through their experience they gave us a big boost. Not only was tech-solute's know-how able to significantly accelerate our development process, but also to focus on the essentials with the help of appropriate methodology. tech-solute is also our "extended workbench" – enormously helpful for a start-up that has little infrastructure. This allowed prototyping to run smoothly with the help of their fully equipped workshop and Rapid Prototyping at tech-solute. Last but not least, we benefit greatly from tech-solute's large network and thus quickly find the appropriate, reliable supplier for every process / component. Alpha-Protein thanks you from the bottom of its heart.

Gia Tien Ngo, Managing Director, ALPHA-PROTEIN GmbH, Bruchsal

Pioneers welcome!

For many years, tech-solute has not only been a mentor and technical companion to successful start-ups and supported them in transforming the product idea into a marketable product. Established companies that want to boldly break new ground also receive support from us in word and deed.

Whether it’s about realising an investor sample with a limited budget, advising on which guidelines and standards have to be observed for the respective product or putting the technical concept through its paces: we know what’s important to safely move forward as a pioneer. After all, we also started as a start-up ourselves in 2002.

Through our authorisation as a go-inno consultancy by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we are allowed to issue innovation vouchers to eligible companies, with which our support is funded with up to 20,000€ per year.

Business idea potential check


Goal: objective evaluation of the potential of your product or business idea.

Are you unsure about the opportunities and risks of your business idea? We have different approaches to check your product or business idea for its actual potential.

Technology Feasibility Check


Goal: to evaluate the suitability of a technology for your product idea.

Is the technology on which your idea is based at all suitable to fully meet the requirements? We find out what the technical feasibility of your idea is and where the technology has its limits.

Technical realisation concepts for your idea

Goal: technical concept for the realisation of your product idea

We are experts in the early phases of product development, the so-called conceptual pre-development. The aim here is to develop solution concepts for your ideas that are as simple and cost-effective to produce as possible and to prove their feasibility with functional samples and prototypes. More than 20 experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and process engineering work together at tech-solute and follow an effective and agile development process.

Sample and prototype construction

Goal: starting from the convincing demonstration of an idea and ending with the practical proof of its technical feasibility.

We have our own prototype workshop where ideas become tangible Whether you want to demonstrate your idea by use of simple means, convince an investor or examine your technical concept for its fulfilment of requirements: we realise the suitable prototype. If desired, we can also take care of the testing, because we have a lot of experience in determining where to look in order to assess the function of a technical system.

Technical problem solving

Solutions to your technical problems

It’s annoying when something doesn’t work as planned in practice – especially in product development, where mistakes can quickly cost a lot of money. We have a lot of experience in troubleshooting, often our unbiased look is enough to identify the cause of a problem, sometimes we have to track down the reason of a problem via a systematic approach.

CE conformity for your product

Goal: to ensure the EU conformity of your product

All products that fall within the scope of one of the CE directives must bear a CE marking. As the manufacturer or distributor of your product, you are responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment procedure properly with all the associated obligations, such as determining risks or drawing up instructions for use all the way to CE marking. CE marking and the associated required conformity assessment procedure should be taken very seriously. In the event of damage, complete proof of the obligations associated with the labelling is required. We are happy to support you in ensuring the EU conformity of your product and documenting this in accordance with the regulations.

Quality assurance for your product and its manufacturing process

Goal: to identify and avoid weaknesses and risks of error in your product and its manufacturing process.

It is extremely inconvenient if users discover faults in your product, especially if they lead to damage to property or personal injury. This can quickly lead to costs that are unsustainable, especially for a young company. It is better to identify sources of error before market entry and to eliminate them with appropriate measures. As professionals, we are happy to support you with quality assurance.

Protect your intellectual property

Goal: to identify suitable protection options and to achieve comprehensive patent protection.

To ensure that an invention cannot simply be copied, you should protect your intellectual property. There are several possibilities for this, from a simple utility model to a comprehensive patent. We will be happy to advise you on the best protection for your idea and help you on the way to successful registration.

From concept to series production

Goal: to develop your product concept further until it is ready for series production or production.

The “journey” from a product concept to production maturity is often underestimated. This phase of product development involves a multitude of tasks as well as a lot of obstacles and risks. To ensure it is successful for you, we are happy to take care of the individual steps – from the development of a design suitable for production to support in the series start-up phase.

The tech-solute experts solve technical problems on a special machine

Lower your risk as an investor

Are you concerned about whether the product idea you are supposed to invest in actually works as promised by the inventor? How much effort is required before the technology actually works, what are the risks, what obstacles still have to be mastered? Let objective experts answer this question and save yourself and others disappointment!

Technological risk assessment of a product idea


Goal: expert judgement and recommendation on the maturity and technical risk of a product idea.

With an opportunity-risk analysis, we get to the bottom of the technical feasibility of a product idea. A specially formed team of experts evaluates the technical solution approach behind the product idea according to the criteria relevant to you, such as the degree of technology potential and maturity, development effort up to series maturity, range of application, further development potential, risk of substitution by other technologies, complexity and know-how requirements. We question the development team, which gives us information about the existing technological competence, and if a physical sample, demonstrator or prototype is available, we take a close look at it. Finally, you will receive a profound expert judgement and a recommendation that will help you to better assess the risk of your investment.


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