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96% of German managers consider their company to be not very innovative.

ALTANA Study 2014

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 Experimenting and failing

! Learning and repeating


  • We are the ideal partner for companies in all sectors who want to gain competitive advantages with value innovation.
  • We have a unique and highly effective approach to creating new things.
  • Our innovation and engineering experts develop strategies, ideas and technical solutions that go beyond the conventional -if desired, right up to production readiness.
  • We question compromising solutions and want to change them: thinking outside the box is our daily business.
  • We complement the experience of our customers with cross-industrial know-how, impartiality and lateral thinking.
  • Our motto: You don´t have to reinvent the world –sometimes you just need to take another look!
tech-solute - Strategie

Identifying potentials and planning innovations


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tech-solute - Qualität

Ensuring product and
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They give us a lot of names.

We are above all one thing: creative makers!

 Idea motor

 Think tank

 Startup enabler

 Advanced developers

Innovation hub

Idea factory

  • With innovations, our customers open up new markets in which the competition is still weak.
  • With unique features we create new market attractiveness for existing products.
  • With alternative functional principles we reduce the manufacturing costs of products by up to 50%.
  • We help startups with small budgets to achieve convincing MVPs and prototypes.
  • In mechanical engineering we create unique special solutions for very special tasks.
  • We particularly enjoy projects with a social background -our contribution to a better world.


  • 13/10/2021 - FIona Kersrgens
    Innovation Day at Hubwerk01 in Bruchsal on Friday 15.10.2021

    The countdown to Innovation Day is on! Innovation day is all about innovative ideas from all areas of life. Visitors can look forward to many offers and workshops to participate in. At tech-solute you will get a guided tour through the rooms where innovations are created and learn what it takes to bring an idea to a prototype. Registration here


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  • 06/10/2021 - Fiona Kerstgens
    Dorothee Bär visited tech-solute i Bruchsal

    Accompanied by Olaf Gutting, Minister of State Dorothee Bär had tech-solute show her how digitalization affects product development nowadays during her visit to Hubwerk01 in Bruchsal.
    Managing Director of tech-solute, Dr. Dirk Schweinberger, and Head of Development, Oliver Seidel, provided insight into developments from digitization projects that are state-funded.
    For example, tech-solute is involved in a CoPot project: The aim of the project is to develop an "intelligent" cordless screwdriver that prevents the amateur from making application errors and supports the professional in his work.

    Digitalization has become an integral part of daily engineering work in pre-development, as it now plays an important role in almost all developments. This means more intensive collaboration between development departments with the aim of "bringing intelligence to products".

    Photo: Sascha Hauk

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  • 16/08/2021 - Fiona Kerstgens
    tech-solute is Innovation Centre in the technology region Karlsruhe

    tech-solute has been an idea generator and innovator in product development for almost twenty years. We work for various industries and company sizes as innovator and "troubleshooter" and find an ingenious solution for every task. Now you can find us in the Innovation Atlas of the Karlsruhe Technology Region!

    The TRK Innovation Atlas provides an overview and direct access to innovation centers, cluster initiatives, networks and business development agencies in the diverse innovation landscape of the Karlsruhe Technology Region. Check it out!


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  • 06/04/2021
    tech-solute in "der Konstrukteur" 4/2021

    Für einen Kunden, der Messtechnik für den medizinischen Bereich produziert, haben wir eine Montagehilfe für die Arbeit an Laborproben entwickelt. Der Clou: Durch die Verwendung von Komponenten des Zulieferers ACE-Gasdruckfedern und einem agilen Produktentwicklungsteam konnten wir sehr schnell einen Prototyp des Probenkopfhalters konstruieren.

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  • 08/03/2021 - Fiona Kerstgens
    Online-FMEA in USA & Europe

    tech-solutes FMEA experts have the advantage in the pandemic that they have been successfully moderating FMEA workshops online at home and abroad for many years.  Processes and communication are proven and work. Currently, we also moderate in English in various European countries.

    We offer
    System FMEA
    in the automotive and non-automotive area. Even when things are already "burning", we make sure that deadlines are met.

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  • 12/02/2021 - Fiona Kerstgens
    Olli 10 years at teso


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  • tech-solute wins GIZ tender for project in Rwanda
    tech-solute wins GIZ tender

    The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Global Business Network Programme (GBN) in Rwanda, recently announced a project for the special training of engineers in Rwanda "on the job". The location Rwanda should also become more attractive for German investors. tech-solute already has experience with projects in Africa and is happy about winning the tender. This is especially exciting because in Corona times almost all teaching content has to be created and taught online.

    Our team of experts is confident that we will successfully overcome all language and technical barriers. tech-solute engineers flew to Rwanda this week to explore the local conditions.

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  • tech-solute helped to develop KALEA
    Insight into our projects:

    In only 48 hours KALEA turns organic waste to fresh, nutrient-rich compost. The automatic kitchen composter is an innovative device with a patented technology and revolutionizes the handling
    of food waste inside homes. Odourless, super hygienic, quiet and comfortable. No more fruit flies, stinky organic waste or regular trips to take the bin out.

    Our engineers developed and built the A-sample together with the KALEA team. The A-sample is a prototype and represents the overall functions of the device - it is not yet visually designed, but all functions are implemented and "it works".

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  • Felix Dallmann is new CE coordinator
    tech-solute has another certified CE-coordinator (DEKRA)

    We congratulate Felix Dallmann on successfully passing the exam for CE Coordinator. As the third CE-coordinator at tech-solute he supports the project teams in product development with his expert knowledge after a two-week training. Background: The conformity with the European directives and regulations, which has to be proved later by the manufacturer of a product, has to be included in the product development. In each stage of the pre-development up to the prototype the project teams at tech-solute pay attention to conformity and design the technical documentation according to the guidelines.

    What exactly we offer, you can find here:

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  • Time for product development
    Time to get moving!

    Is your product development stalled due to a pandemic?

    We support companies to catch up on development backlogs and to solve technical problems quickly.
    Stagnation in product development can have devastating consequences for companies. Despite short-time work and corona, product development must continue, otherwise market shares can be lost and the competition will move on - without you.

    tech-solute helps quickly. By using variable, agile teams, we look at your products with an undisguised view, help to catch up on development backlogs and use our methodology and experience to develop future strategies with you.

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  • Abschlussarbeit KI
    tech-solute offers thesis in the area of AI

    For students of electrical engineering or IT we offer a final thesis in the field of artificial intelligence with the topic "development of an AI software for the discrimination of impurities and bulk material". Software is used to detect and report impurities in bulk material. Here the focus is on a high degree of security against false positive messages. The task is to evaluate previously recorded video material and train an "AI" with this classified material. This AI is then tested to evaluate its function and robustness. Furthermore, an  integration with certain software interfaces is planned.

    Interested? Questions? Our development manager, Oliver Seidel, is looking forward to your call: 07251-93675-21 (or e-mail: oliver.seidel@tech-solute.de)

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  • Beauty Start-Up is looking for partners
    Partners wanted!

    We are looking for two partners for a German start-up with a technically disruptive approach in the consumer goods - beauty sector: graduates with 2 to 5 years of professional experience, young startup entrepreneurs, with entrepreneurial spirit and desire to get involved in this industry with a highly interesting product. Interested? Then write to oliver.seidel@tech-solute.de

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  • Innovative through research
    tech-solute innovative work recommended

    tech-solute again receives the research seal of the Stifterverband (Education, Research, Innovation). This seal is awarded to companies that are committed to Germany as a strong innovation location. For more information, please visit: www.innovativ-durch-forschung.de

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  • Gemeinsam gegen Corona


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  • Neues Schülerprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit tech-solute
    tech-solute engages in a student project

    Yesterday the kick-off event for the pilot project NEW SCHOOL WORK(S) took place at Hubwerk01. tech-solute is on board with an exciting student project. The aim is to encourage curiosity and practical skills of the students (11th grade) in a real project, which they independently complete with some mentoring support. In the best case, this will give them a little professional orientation and show us what is important to this generation in their daily work and how or with which project tools they prefer to work. Who would like to learn more about this: NewSchoolWorks

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  • Egineers from Rwanda visit tech-solute
    Egineers from Rwanda visit tech-solute

    Three engineers from Rwanda have been visiting us since last week. Rwanda is currently developing very rapidly and the visiting engineers are learning a little about our methodology and are keen to find cooperation opportunities.

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  • Pop-Up lab in Bruchsal
    Meet tech-solute at the "POP-UP Labor" Baden-Württemberg!

    From 14.10.2019 to 18.10.2019 there will be a lot of interesting lectures at Hubwer01 in Bruchsal.

    15.10.2019 from 14:00 o'clock to 17:00 o'clock
    Dr. Dirk Schweinberger and Martin Mucha (both from tech-solute) will speak on the important topic: "Getting products on the fast lane with design thinking and the blue ocean strategy".

    Especially recommended: the "International Come Together" and networking evening for companies - Thursday, 17 October 2019, 17.00-19.00. Guided tours through HubWerk01 and tech-solute, as well as the opportunity to experience makerspace, co-working space etc. up close. You can join a "fireside chat" with State Secretary Katrin Schütz, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg and Elevator Pitches from regional institutions.

    Online registration for free participation in all events and workshops at the end of this article - first come, first served.


    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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  • Dr. Schweinberger presents the winner of the science slam with a trophy
    tech-solute sponsors "Zunkunftstüftler" 2019

    Karlsruhe, 18.9.2019. We made promising contacts at the "Zukunftstüftler" trade show 2019 in Karlsruhe. Interesting lectures and workshops, lots of exciting start-ups and presentations on the "Daimler Future Stage" and a diverse exhibition audience made this day at the Technologiefabrik something special. One highlight was the Science Slam: The winner's trophy was donated by tech-solute and handed over personally by Dr. Dirk Schweinberger.

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  • work-experience at tech-solute
    The youth in the Hubwerk01: Committed. Interested. Hard working.

    While other pupils are having fun at the swimming baths, Jacob Schäfer, who will be attending the 12th grade of the Heisenberg Gymnasium in Bruchsal from September, uses the school holidays to complete an internship at tech-solute and experience the everyday work of our engineers up close. "It's pretty cool what the engineers are doing here", says Jacob, who currently intends to study computer science after graduating from high school. In a current project for a customer, he carries out tests, evaluates them, sets up the necessary software and programs in C++ - all of this, of course, under the expert guidance of our e-technology department.

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  • Alex Fauck zu Gast bei tech-solute
    Networking rules!

    Today Alex Fauck, Managing Director of Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe, visited the new premises of tech-solute here in Hubwerk01, the digital hub for the Bruchsal region.

    Contacts to the economy of the region are becoming more and more important, as the hub builds up a network of SMEs, experts, start-ups etc. who all need something or have something to offer. The aim is to promote digitalisation in the region.

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  • tech-solute congratulates VIGEM on 10 year anniversary
    tech-solute congratulates VIGEM on 10 year anniversary

    On 1st June VIGEM celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Kantina Majolika in Karlsruhe. tech-solute's Managing Director Dr. Dirk Schweinberger was on spot to congratulate VIGEM's Managing Director Markus Trauth and presented him with a gift basket.

    tech-solute has been supporting VIGEM with development services for more than two years now. Dr. Schweinberger: "We very much appreciate our cooperation with VIGEM. VIGEM requires a very fast conversion of their requests. Flexibility and fast reaction time two of tech-solute's strengths - we can deliver certain services within one to two days.

    VIGEM is a specialist for the development of customer-specific test and analysis systems, which sustainably support the qualification of modern driver assistance systems. This way VIGEM brings more safety to autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. 

    We are pleased that after the move to Bruchsal we remain as a partner to VIGEM  and look forward to further cooperation!

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  • AEN Management Training successfully completed
    Executive Management Training at the AEN (Automotive Engineering Network) Karlsruhe

    We sent five of our engineers to the AEN in Karlsruhe to receive new impulses and inspiration for their management activities and their daily work. On the premises of #IBS_Karlsruhe, Waldemar Epple (former E3 manager at Daimler) taught a lot of knowledge in 6 x 4 hours seminars using real-life examples.

    Dirk Schweinberger: "tech-solute gives impulses to other companies again and again. It is of great value to us to improve ourselves further and regularly get new inspiration from the outside".

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  • Renaming of all rooms at tech-solute
    Nomen est Omen

    With the help of our 3D printer our engineers have named all rooms after famous inventors.

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  • Ceremonial opening of the Digital Hub Bruchsal
    Ceremonial opening of the Digital Hub Bruchsal

    The ceremonial opening of the Digital Hub Hubwerk01 (and also the new rooms of tech-solute) by the Minister of Economic Affairs Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut took place on 13 May 2019. More than 400 guests from business, politics and educational institutions were present when the minister, instead of cutting a ribbon, made a logo shine. The special logo was of course created by tech-solute engineers.

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  • Dr. Dirk Schweinberger intereviewed on Digital Hub Bruchsal
    Dr. Dirk Schweinber interviewed on the Digital Hub Bruchsal

    Inspiration, innovation and digitalisation- what you can expect from the Digital Hub (Hubwerk01) in Bruchsal. What does the Hub have to offer for Start-Ups,
    companies, innvestors and universities? Check out our Video for more (German language)

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  • 05/03/2019
    tech-solute becomes mentor to IB Embedded

    Dr. Dirk Schweinberger has become Cyberforum mentor to an interesting start-up company. According to the motto: „Simply Digitalize It!“, IB embedded has specialized in the fast and simple realisation of digitalisation wishes of customers, who want to extend their products with new technologies. They develop embedded systems components for branches in industry, automotive, medical and house automization. They have developed an IoT Platform Kit. A scalable solution for connecting to cloud systems: an easy and safe way to integrate embedded devices with varying radio control technologies and intelligent app control. High End LED technology, touch screen technology, drinving technology, field bus systems, embedded RTOS and Computer Vision round off IB embedded's offer.

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  • Successful LoRa Workshop in the Digital Hub Bruchsal
    Successful LoRa Workshop in the Digital Hub Bruchsal

    Dr. Dirk Schweinberger lectured on LoRa in the Digital Hub Bruchsal on 19.2.2019

    The Long Range Wireless Network opens up a huge amount of possibilities. It can be can be established and operated by anyone. Apart from modern Smart-City applications,
    inumerous applications in industry are practicable. For example localizing objects, asset management, monitoring of buildings or meter readings.
    The technology is suitable for companies that offer products and services at different locations. Using LoRa, you can erffortlessly record data at one location and transmit it to a different location for evaluation.

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  • Certificate of nomination for tech-solute
    tech-solute nominated for Award

    Bruchsal, 14.2.2019, tech-solute, one of the leading innovation and engineering companies in Baden-Württemberg has been nominated for the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" for the seventh time. The prizeis awarded by the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung and belongs to the most popular business awards in Germany. Only every thousandth company is nominated. tech-solute is nominated yet again. Aa big success for the Karlsruhe-based company.

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  • Felix Dallmann - new emplyee at tech-solute
    Welcome Felix Dallmann

    Felix, a former software developer at Siemens with more than four years of experience as a scientific researcher at the Karsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) has a degree in Chemistry and is already enjoying  working at tech-solute as a software and electronics developer. The perfect addition to our team. All the best, Felix!

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  • 08/01/2019
    Congratulations Andreas Wilhelm!

    Thank you for 10 years at tech-solute. Together with Raphael Berger, Andreas started up the FMEA department in 2008. Meanwhile the FMEA is very successful and regularly working to capacity and always on the lookout for new staff. “For many employees in companies, FMEA is an inconvenient duty” Andreas repeatedly notices. “That is why we are engaged. For an “interested, curious” engineer this is a dream job that never gets boring!”

    This year Andreas has been engaged as a speaker at the PLATO User Conference for the 3rd time. Together with a top customer he presented best-practice examples – a novelty for tech-solute that proves the satisfaction of our customers with the tech-solute methods.

    We thank Andreas for his commitment and his enthusiasm for each new project and look forward to many more years of working together.

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  • tech-solute FMEA specialists - always there, when you need them
    10.12.2018: tech-solute FMEA specialists travel the world

    In 2018, our FMEA team spent a large part of their time in foreign countries. The request for our services in and outside Germany have increased immensely. Among other countries, we carried through FMEA  moderation and fmea implementation in Poland, the Czech Republic, Rumania, Portugal and China. tech-solute offers a main moderator and a replacement moderator to ensure that the project is not delayed, should one moderator fall out. Some companies book regular days over a long period of time, where the fmea moderator actually works on site until the project is completed. This has proved a very successful approach.

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  • digital hub bruchsal, tech-solute, start-up bruchsal, start-up karlsruhe, support of start-up, innovation bruchsal, innovation karlsruhe
    19/11/2018 - Fiona Kerstgens
    14.11.2018: tech-solute provides Start-Ups in the area of Bruchsal and Karlsruhe with expertise and equipment / Founding event of Digital Hub Region Bruchsal e.V

    Bruchsal, 14.11.2018. 200 guests attended the foundation event of the Digital Hub Region Bruchsal e-V in the auditorium of the TRIWO Technopark Bruchsal. Dr. Dirk Schweinberger, Managing Director of tech-solute GmbH & Co. KG presented the audience with examples of projects which will be realised in the Digital Hub in the near future. tech-solute ist a founding member of the hub. Together with the other founding members (the software company Rock5 from Bruchsal, the Regional Business Development Bruchsal, the TRIWO Technopark Bruchsal GmbH and the advertising agency MONO Dimension) tech-solute provides a solid base for giving regional companies a good start into the digital era. The main Target: The creation of new business models and products of the future.

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  • 14/09/2018
    14.08.2018: The Digital Hub in Bruchsal takes shape

    Construction work on the planned digital hub at the TRIWO Technopark in Bruchsal is in full swing. By April 1, 2019 at the latest, it should open its doors and offer companies, start-ups and universities completely new opportunities to cooperate. The goal: innovative digitization solutions and novel business models through open innovation, co-working and focused expert support. In order to turn hub users' ideas into technically viable solutions, tech-solute, as a hub "roommate", will provide users with advice and practical support and will also supervise the maker space on site.

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  • 27/04/2018
    26/04/2018: AEN network meeting at tech-solute

    The AEN (Automotive.Engineering.Network) is a mobility cluster with the aim of promoting mobility projects in Karlsruhe (see www.ae-network.de). This time, the AEN network meeting was all about engineering. As host, tech-solute provided an insight into its own work and reported on the latest findings in the fields of FMEA and digitisation. During the subsequent networking, the participants could establish valuable contacts.

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  • 06/02/2018
    05/02/2018: tech-solute becomes part of the Digital Hub in Bruchsal

    At the digitization summit of the state government the "Digital Hub Bruchsal-Kraichgau" project was awarded the contract by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, as one of ten future digitisation centres in Baden-Württemberg. The planned digital hub is intended to serve companies and start-ups as an information, consulting and seed cell in the topic of digitization and aims to facilitate the exchange of experience, knowledge transfer and collaboration. The special feature of the Bruchsal concept: with tech-solute an experienced engineering service provider will be located directly in the hub so that innovative ideas can mature into marketable innovations as quickly and professionally as possible. Besides engineering expertise tech-solute will provide the hub users with a workshop including machines and laboratory equipment. The opening of the hub is planned for the beginning of 2019.

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  • 01/02/2018
    12/12/2017: BVMW honours tech-solute as an entrepreneurSTAR in "Digitization"

    At the end of the year, the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) invited its members to the Palatin Hotel in Wiesloch. For the first time, the so-called EntrepreneurSTARs were honoured in this context. Five companies from the BVMW network with remarkable success in the categories of innovation, succession/employees, digitization, foreign trade and corporate management were honoured. The prize in the category "digitization" went to tech-solute, represented by Managing Director Dr. Dirk Schweinberger (third from the right).

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Interesting facts

We offer thinking outside the box in the fields of mechanics, electronics and mechatronics

We operate across all industries

Our solutions range from single pieces to mass-produced products

Our approach is based on multi-year innovation research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

We are realizers of complete development projects as well as individual partial tasks