Our Approach


Global competition forces many companies to be innovative – relentlessly and at high speed. Here, leaving behind routine thinking and finding completely new approaches becomes increasingly difficult. tech-solute specializes in technology innovation. With us as anengineering partner, you can break through organizational blindness and gain new impetus when you need it. Our engineers do not want to compete with your development department, but instead blow away stagnation with a gust of fresh air and, with your staff, discover new directions for technology. We are creative inventors, but above all team players with specialist expertise, who understand exactly how to take a broader view – systematically!

Your advantage: Taking a broader view


We combine creative-methodical thinking, impartiality, curiosity and awide scope of technological expertise into an effective remedy against "stewing in your own juices". We question time-honored functional principles in a focused way, spark new ideas, evaluate them according to your relevant criteria and implement them – combined with your employees' experience – into your future product.

Your advantage: Using methodology to achieven the goal


We see each new product as a combination of elementary functions. The challenge is, to use the best functional principles for each function, and to implement these with the simplest design possible. Sometimes suitable solutions can be found in other products, sometimes they have to be invented first. We are convinced that targets can be better achieved by using suitable methods. Our creative solutions are therefore based on the results of several years' innovation research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Product development also demands that you think holistically. This is why, alongside your product, we always consider the processes involved in its manufacture and maintenance and, above all, the people who will be using it later on.


In their daily business, engineers need to develop safe solutions – and usually very quickly. They avoid a risk by preferring the use of functional principles which have already been proven in earlier developments. This approach is sufficient for the incremental and continuous improvement of existing products. However, true innovation generally does not result from this process. tech-solute is able to give you the broader picture. First we find out if there are already adaptable solutions in other fields of technology (technology transfer). In the second step, we develop our own creative ideas. It is the mixture of the two which produces a spontaneous, yet low risk, innovation approach.

Your advantage: A wide range of expertise from a single source


Mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, process engineers, automotive engineers and other specialists – creative minds from different technical backgrounds all work at tech-solute. What we have in common is expertise in finding solutions. We break knowledge boundaries by pulling supplementary expertise from external specialists into the project. Our growing network offers us excellent opportunities for this. We certainly handle complex projects by involving several partners; acting as a central contact and coordinator for our clients. Enjoy the good feeling of trusting your technical challenge to a handpicked team of experts.

Your advantage: Support as required


You decide whether you involve us for an entire innovationdevelopment, or if you only need our help with individual phases orareas. Our team of experts will support you in nearly every challengeconnected to your future innovation. Here, small projects are just asinteresting to us as large ones.

We can also support you in your day-to-day business with
■ design resources at your premises (for a limited period),
■ problem-solving at your premises,
■ calculation service (e.g. tolerance analysis),
■ putting you in touch with experts,
■ sourcing of samples and parts,
■ contract manufacture (machining),
■ FMEA audit preparation.