Our technology scouting enables you to evaluate technologies which are not part of the core competencies of your business, but could become relevant for your own products in the future.

We don't just find suitable technologies for solving your technical challenge. We also inform you about e potential success of investment in new technologies, opportunities and risks of individual technologies and necessary adjustments of new technologies to the requirements of your market.

Drawing conclusions – looking to the future

What we offer you

Suitable technologies for your product: We find the ideal technology for realizing new product functions and tell you what is behind technological innovations or alternative production processes.

New applications for your technology: Are you convinced that your particular technology has benefits in other industries too? We will give you insight into other industries and identify new application fields for your technology.

Up-to-date technology news: Don't wait until the next trade fair to find out about technical innovations. With our continuous technology monitoring ("Technology Radar"), we give you regular updates on the latest developments and trends in the target technology field.

Feasibility statements:  We analyze your product idea with regard to technical and economic feasibility. We will show you to what extent, with what resources and in what time period you can carry out an implementation project.

Technology strategies of your competition: Our patent portfolio is a continually growing list of your competition's latest patents. By analyzing this and assigning defined development topics, we can see what your competition's technology development is focusing on.

Identifying changes at an early stage with tech-solute® technology scouting

Looking beyond the horizon – getting inspired
by other industries

Methodology / Tools

Similar to market analysis, in technology scouting it is all about getting the right information from the right sources and drawing the right conclusions from this information.

Our information sources are the Internet, specialist literature and databases, patents and the knowledge of experts.

Taking the time to systematically study the subject and an efficient research process are the foundation. Approaching experts without inhibitions and interviewing them is our specialty.

Make your product the best in its class – with the right technology behind it!

Project examples

  • 23/09/2016
    Market and Technology Potential Analysis for Sinter Technology

    A metalworking company asked tech-solute® to carry out a potential study to see if investing in the sintering production process would be worth their while. The global supplier and customer market was investigated and, based on industry research and statistical data, a forecast was made for the development of the market. The picture was completed with expert interviews with potential system suppliers. The potential analysis was handed over to the customer with a cost and time plan for adopting the technology.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Assessment of the capability of a reformer for generating hydrogen on submarines

    The tech-solute® Patent DE1015517 "Process for the Manufacture of Hydrogen" permits the production of hydrogen based on crystalline silicon and brine. For a submarine manufacturer, we investigated whether on-board hydrogen generation in submarines could, in principle, be made possible by using a self-regulating Si-reformer. Essentially, an early draft of such a reformer was developed. Filling concept, estimation of overall weight, overall space requirement, mass and material flows and an operating cost estimation rounded off the investigation.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Feasibility study for natural gas operation of snow groomers

    In this study the fundamental feasibility of a natural gas operated snow groomer was investigated. The scope of the study included research on suitable natural gas motors and natural gas storage, fueling options and other possible uses of natural gas in the Alpine region. Opportunities for installing existing natural gas motors into snow groomers currently in series production were also investigated. The result of the project was a fully functional prototype of a natural gas snow groomer, realized by tech-solute®.

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  • 19/09/2016
    User analysis of professional Impact Drills

    The goal was to make the purchase of a new professional impact drill more appealing by adding innovative features. A user analysis was carried out to find out what annoys users about products currently available on the market and what additional functions they would like. tech-solute® filmed professionals using different machines. Subsequently, the product utilization process was broken down into individual phases. This enabled recurring problems to be recognized and a direct comparison to be made between the products. It showed, for example, that preparing the machine and putting it away took up much more time than had previously been thought.

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