Market & Competition

A prerequisite for developing a successful product is precisely understanding the market in which it is to be sold later on.

Our market analyses will provide you with up-to-date market knowledge within and outside your existing industry. For you this is the ideal basis for planning and positioning new products.

We will reliably inform you about:

  • Trends and developments in the target market
  • competing products and their performance
  • competitors and their profile as well as
  • expert opinions on your product idea.

Knowing markets - assessing the future

What we offer you

Trends in the target market: Don't leave trend-oriented products to chance! We will inform you about social and technological trends in the target market.

Information on competitors: With us, you gain knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors – the prerequisite for planning your own business strategy.

Market potential of your product idea: We will tell you what chance your idea really has. We will determine potential target customers, listen to the opinions of market experts and get a picture of your future competition.

Information on competitors‘ products: Knowledge about the performance of competing products is a prerequisite for the strategic positioning of your innovation. tech-solute® will help you to gain the information you need on competing products.

Market figures: You need market information in the form of concrete figures? Whether market volumes, potential sales figures or usual market prices, we can help you acquire the desired information.

tech-solute® Innovation-Engineering: At the same table with the customer

Rely on the right horse in time!

Methodology / Tools

Statistics sources are not the place to find the market information which helps our customers. Normally some detective work is required for our market analyses. With information from different sources, cleverly acquired, intelligently combined and logically thought through, we reach results which are tailored to you.

We use a diverse range of information sources. Internet research is compulsory; acquiring the opinion of experts is the fun part.

In between there are telephone calls, e-mails, trade fair visits and more. If it makes sense to do so, we will get hold of product samples, read trade journals, search through databases and interview users.

Before each market analysis, we ask ourselves exactly what information you need to achieve your goal. How we get hold of this information is our trade secret – but it will always be legal!

Project examples

  • 23/09/2016
    Competition product analysis for a strimmer

    Knowing the individual characteristics as well as the advantages and disadvantages of competitors' products is an essential prerequisite for this client, in order to define the requirements for new developments. The investigation into brush cutters and strimmers took into account ergonomic details of the competitors' products, as well as equipment features and performance in practical application.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Market overview and strategic recommendation for fruit and vegetable juicers

    The customer for this project, a manufacturer of food cutting machines and kitchen installation systems, hoped to gain competitive advantages in the fruit and vegetable juicers market with a "made in Germany" product. tech-solute® developed a market overview of existing products and derived unique selling points for an innovative juicer from this. Here, research into trends for comparable products and in the kitchen environment was incorporated into the considerations.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Benchmarking of car alternators

    The automotive industry is under extreme price pressure; the realization of inexpensive components is a prerequisite for success. In this project, tech-solute® analyzed how a competitor managed to offer a comparable product on the market significantly more cheaply. With a special systematic approach, design, materials and machining processes were analyzed in great detail. Subsequently a list of suggestions for optimizations was compiled.

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  • 19/09/2016
    Product Performance Comparison for Battery Units

    Ahead of developing a new battery unit, it was important to this customer to get an overview of the systems available on the market, in order to work out the strategic positioning and the pricing for a new product. Here tech-solute® researched products used in comparable fields of application, and arranged these in a chart with the axes "Sales price" and "Battery performance". In this way, existing trends relating to price/ performance could be seen very quickly.

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