Identifying potentials and

planning innovations


The recipe for securing the future:

differentiation & value innovation

 Knowing market trends

 Creating needs

 Securing uniqueness

 Using new technologies

Beating competitors

Planning strategies

To ensure a sustainable future, companies should actively pursue product development in two directions:

  1. Gain market share in existing markets (red oceans) with beneficial unique selling points which protect existing products from commoditization.
  2. With innovations to tap into new markets (blue oceans) where the competition is still weak.

A prerequisite for both impulse directions is to understand your own customers, markets and thestrengths and weaknesses of your competition –as well as possible. We will obtain this information for you, as well as providing you with knowledge about current and future trends in technology at the same time.

The result: Strategies for product differentiation and beneficial innovations, tailor-made for your company.

tech-solute - Markt & Wettbewerb

Recognizing needs


tech-solute - Technologien

Utilizing opportunities


tech-solute - Differenzierung & Innovation

Securing the future




Strategies for Red and Blue Oceans

 Finding new customers

 Capturing market shares

 Developing new markets

 Increasing demands

 Creating added value

 Shaping trends

We are fans of the "Blue Ocean Strategy" by W. Chan Kim and ReneéMauborgne. We share the opinion of the two authors and scientists, that sustainable, profitable growth is not possible with the battle for customers, competitive advantage and market share going on in nearly every branch of industry. In contrast, whoever creates newmarkets–where there is no competition – can make hefty profits.

“Blue Ocean Strategy" methods are primarily suited to generating a consistently profitable business model in as yet untapped markets or branches of industry. But comparatively simple methods can also be used to win market share in established markets – the real "bread-and-butter business" of our client.