FMEA plus

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a globally recognized method of avoiding errors in products and processes. This is one reason why it is a fixed component of our engineering projects.

We offer you the chance to profit from our FMEA knowledge. We understand the critical points of many technical functions.

Our quality experts are therefore delighted to get actively involved in the development of failure prevention solutions for your product or process. That we enter the results inyour in-house software is part of our standard service. Our special service is to ensure your employees carry out the defined actions within the set time-frame.

A service with added value.

We call it FMEA plus.

The easier way to become failure-free

What we offer you

FMEA project work according to VDA standard: We will support you in the FMEA, from moderation all the way through to project support. Our service starts with the planning of a series of workshops and managing the participants. The workshops are a central feature; we prepare them painstakingly and moderate them with enthusiasm. We document the results in your preferred software. Furthermore, we follow up the actions for you and put the results together for auditing and presentation purposes.

Lean-FMEA: In most cases, it is possible to considerably simplify the implementation of the FMEA as required by the VDA, without relinquishing the strengths of the method. With the "lean-FMEA" we have developed, companies which are not obliged to create a VDA-compliant FMEA get a "slimmed down", tailor-made solution, in line with the philosophy "as much FMEA as is necessary and sensible".

Method and process integration: Introducing FMEA into companies effectively is not always simple. We will support you in the setting up and implementation of an FMEA procedure customized to your business. Alongside a customized FMEA process, we also rely on uniform standards, such as evaluation, action and failure catalogs as well as company standards and guidelines. Theformation of FMEA modules completes our offer.

Training: We are happy to pass on our knowledge and, alongside general training on the FMEA methodology, we also offer training on the use of selected FMEA software. However, on-the-job training using your current project is the best way to learn – the ideal time for you to start using the method which saves you real money in the form of failure costs!

tech-solute®-FMEA: we help when things get tight!

Systematic prevention of failure risks

Methodology / Tools

FMEA is a preventative method for avoiding failures. It was developed as long ago as 1909, and has become an indispensable component of the quality requirements of automotive concerns and their suppliers. Guided by our moderators, engineers from other industries can also identify potential sources of failure in their products and manufacturing processes, saving large sums by avoiding unnecessary failure costs.

Our team consists of four experienced FMEA moderators, from the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, who will support you effectively in both the Product and Process FMEAs.

Thanks to daily use of FMEA methods, they are experienced in the efficient moderation of teams and areexpertsin usingthefollowingFMEA software:

  • Plato SCIO,
  • Pickert & Partner RQM.QM and
  • matrix-FMEA

Our experts have PLATO Certified Consultant status.

Project examples

  • 26/09/2016
    Hot laminator for solar cells: system-FMEA

    In order to minimize the risk when introducing a new technology into series production, tech-solute was asked to carry out a System FMEA. Together with the customer's development team, they analyzed whether any sources of failure had been overlooked, whether all the processes were stable, whether the product had been designed to be sufficiently robust and whether there were any hidden safety hazards. The development experience and the neutral standpoint of the tech-solute® moderating team helped to evaluate new operating principles and to carry out the FMEA process in a systematic and structured way.

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  • 26/09/2016
    Vehicle seat: creating a concept with FMEA modules

    At this client, careful creation of an FMEA for development projects running in parallel – with the same or similar products – regularly caused a great deal of work. tech-solute® introduced a modular FMEA system for constructing variants, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of work required. By systematically feeding newly occurring failures back into the base FMEAs, from now on the existing knowledge will be stored consistently and is automatically available for future projects.

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  • 26/09/2016
    Vehicel exhaust system: extending the FMEA methodology with link to software

    For a long time, transferring results from defined testing activities into the FMEA software was an extremely time-consuming process for this client. The test results had to be painstakingly carried over into the individual analyses. The appropriate adjustment of the risk priority number was performed manually. The concept developed by tech-solute® reduces this effort considerably. In future, the testing personnel can enter the test results in an ergonomic user-interface. The system automatically inserts the results into the affected FMEAs and adjusts the risk priority number automatically.

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  • 26/09/2016
    Power saws: misuse FMEA

    Product-liability law obliges every manufacturer to compensate damages resulting from defective design or manufacture. But the manufacturer is also responsible for damages resulting from inadequate warning about operational hazards. tech-solute® regularly supports this customer in identifying conscious or unconscious operating errors. Together, actions are developed to either avoid these, or to at least give sufficient warning about them in the documentation.

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