go-Inno public funding

In 2015, tech-solute® was authorised by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) to become a go-inno consulting company. The aim of the go-inno programme is to increase the innovative power and competitiveness of German companies up to 100 employees in the business sector, including craft industries.

Eligible companies may issue tech-solute® innovation vouchers, which will support tech-solute's engineering services with up to €20,000 per year.

Up to 20.000€ annually by the German state

What is funded?

Funding module1: Potential analysis (grant max. 4.400€)

  • Preliminary assessment of marketability including competitor analysis
  • Preliminary technical feasibility check
  • Estimation of the realization costs
  • Patent searches
  • Qualitative assessment of success

Funding module 2: Realization concept (grant max. 11.000€)

  • Development of a technical implementation concept incl. CAD-construction
  • Computational design and load analyses (e. g. FEM)
  • Functional studies using prototypes (material costs are not eligible for funding)
  • Development of a manufacturing concept including identification of suitable suppliers

Funding module 3: Project management (grant max. 8.250€)

  • Accompaniment of project implementation within the scope of an external project management

The financial injection for your innovation project

Requirements for a go-Inno grant

The idea for a new or improved product or technical process, e. g. by applying new functional principles and/or new technologies (it does not necessarily have to be a market novelty)

  • Headquarters in Germany
  • < 100 employees
  • annual turnover/annual balance sheet total < €20 million

Obvious technical and business risks. Further development of existing products or processes by combining marketable purchased parts (no technical risk) is not permitted, as well as topics that merely represent the implementation of legal obligations and aesthetic product modifications (e. g. design, colouring, styling).

Investors love prototypes

You are a start-up company with an innovative product idea and you need capital for development up to series production?

Especially for start-ups, tech-solute® develops and builds "intelligently trimmed down" and thus affordable yet convincing MVP and prototypes.

To ensure that this is done as cost-efficiently as possible, we use the go-Inno subsidy.