Whether a practical verification of function, design mockup or a functioning test model: We make ideas work. Our prototyping experts take care of the manufacture of components, sourcing bought-in parts, assembly and commissioning of your innovation.

The subsequent tests – on the test rig or in the hands of the future users – show whether the physics really works as described in the textbooks. The test results help us to optimize your product in the right places.

We will only be satisfied when the prototype of your future product fulfills all of its tasks reliably.

Testing goes with analysis

What we offer you

Design-Mockups: We deliver you models of your idea – functionally limited, but optically and haptically first-class and ideal for presentation and decision-making purposes.

Functional models/MVP/prototypes (mechanics and electronics): We will deliver you functional test models in different stages of realization. This is the best proof of perfection for you, and an ideal way to discover potential for optimization. Small scale manufacture is also part of our range of services.

User tests: We confront future users with prototypes of your innovation and recognize handing difficulties as well as potential risks of misuse – making provision for the future acceptance of your new product.

Testing on test rigs: How does your product behave under extreme conditions? Sometimes this question can only be answered using a special test rig. We will track down companies with suitable equipment for you. If there aren't any, we are happy to create an individual test rig solution for you.

tech-solute® prototyping: as simple as possible to know whether the new product actually works

Experiment – fail – learn - repeat

Methodology / Tools

With the machines in our prototype workshop, we are able to machine metal and plastics into shape, plus a great deal more. In addition, our partners offer a broad portfolio of technologies:

  • Stereolithography,
  • laser sintering,
  • vacuum molding,
  • metal casting,
  • surface finishing,
  • sheet metal forming,
  • welding and much more.

Also important to us are electronics which fit perfectly with the mechanics. For this reason, their development is carried out in increasingly closer cooperation with the mechanical designers.

When realizing special machines, we apply our wide-ranging experience in the fields of:

  • sensors,
  • pneumatics,
  • hydraulics,
  • drive technology and
  • PLC

Cooperating with specialized partners or technology suppliers, we combine special technology for object processing (e.g. welding and laser technology) or for object recognition (e.g. optical image recognition) into the overall solution. From handling and machining systems all the way through to special vehicles – we would be delighted to realize your particular requirements!

Project examples

  • 23/09/2016
    Trade fair prototype of a kitchen corner cupboard with electric door and carousel drive

    The aim of this project was to present a new product at a trade fair. tech-solute® equipped a conventional kitchen corner cupboard with an electric door-opening and carousel drive. The concept development and detailed design work was also carried out by tech-solute®. As well as the mechanics, a key area for the development was the control system with all the sensors.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Natural gas operated snow groomer

    Following the study for the fundamental feasibility of a natural gas powered snow groomer, the customer ordered the construction of a prototype. To start with, all the non-essential assemblies and components were removed from an older diesel PistenBully. The natural gas components researched and sourced by tech-solute® were subsequently applied to the vehicle. The auxiliary components required to achieve this were also developed and realized by tech-solute®.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Functional model of a measurement and alignment system for masonry saws

    A great deal of the work involved in laying paving stones is in cutting the curbstones to size. Previously, measuring the gaps and aligning the stones on the saw was performed manually. Using an innovation developed by tech-solute®, all the gaps are measured in a single step using a handheld unit. This is subsequently inserted into the main module mounted on the saw. Laser lines show the user how the relevant stone should be aligned. This process enabled the overall time required for the work to be reduced by around a third. tech-solute received the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe Innovation Prize for this development in 2007.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Production samples for a series of mixing machines used in the preparation of lotions and creams

    The client for this project wanted a completely new development of the next generation of unguators, which are typically used inpharmacies. As well as the latest technology, including servo-drive technology and Internet capability, the customer also wanted to implement an appealing product design. The entire development of the system, including the electronics, took place at the premises of tech-solute®. Additional features, such as the Internet-supported inventory management system integrated in the unit, were supplied by a development partner. The project also involved selecting appropriate production suppliers, setting up the supply chain, and supporting the implementation of the unit assembly at the customer.

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  • 19/09/2016
    Prototype of an ergonomic control unit for a cut-off saw

    The previously manual control of a cut-off saw function should in future be implemented electronically. Ergonomic accessibility, waterproof design, ideal haptics, clear symbols and reliable function – even with high vibration loads – were only a few of the requirements to be fulfilled for the control unit. As well as creating the prototype, tech-solute® had significant involvement in the implementation of the system for series production.

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