ProduCT Development

We develop and realize technical innovations, from the special machine to the large-scale series product. Our engineers and technicians will accompany you as expert development partners, throughout all phases of the development process through to seriesproduction readiness.

It makes no difference whether we are developing mechanics or electronics, the whole product or just single components or assemblies. It is always our goal to deliver you a result which convinces you in every aspect.

Mechanical and Electronics development by experts

What we offer you

Development of mechanical and mechatronic systems: For us, development is more than just CAD design. It is the creative-methodical development of clear, safe and cost-effective high-quality solutions. Here we rely on a rigorous procedure and finding and optimizing solutions together in a team. Using 3D-CAD systems we implement our concepts into standardized designs.

Design and calculation: We make your product safe by carrying out dimensioning and design calculations, stress analyses and tolerance analyses. Meaningful simulations (e.g. FEM, fluid dynamics) realized with assistance from specialized partners.

Special machine development: People always come to us when standard solutions are not enough. We develop special machines tailored to your requirements.

Whether automated processing or handling, or the separation of difficult, atypical workpieces – our machines are innovative problem solvers, developed and realized by a single source, naturally CE compliant and including complete documentation.

Electronics development: Whether controlling, indicating, or activating sensors, actuators or entire machines: We will develop the necessary electronic intelligence. Circuit development, circuit board layout and microcontroller programming are all part of our service. Specialties: Motor control, optical measurement technology and wireless data and signal transmission.

Selected bought-in components for your product: What solutions are already available on the market and how good are they? We will research commercially available components for your product for you, analyzing their performance and making a thorough investigation of their supplier.

In tech-solute® product development always in focus: low manufacturing costs

We transform the buzzwords “digitalization” and “Industry 4.0” into reality

Methodology / Tools

Our engineering team will lead the product concept through the design and concept stages, step by step through to series-production readiness. Each phase can be ordered separately. If you wish your own employees to carry out the detailed design work, we are happy to hand over our concept to you.

As a "full service supplier", if you wish, we will fully support you from a single source – from project planning, via development and documentation, all the way through to registering the patent in your name. We also manage the sourcing of components and the coordination of other development partners.

Our tools:

CAD design: Pro/Engineer Wildfire/Creo, Solid Works, SolidEdge, Catia V5, Unigraphics, Inventor

Electronics development: Matlab/Simulink, Labview, Pspice, Diadem, Eplan, Eagle

Programming: C++, Assembler, Visual Basic, html, JavaScript, PHP

Project examples

  • 26/09/2016
    Flexible drilling/milling center for steel beam processing

    Until now, steel beams were processed inconsecutively-arranged machining stations. HERCULES – in the development of which tech-solute® had significant involvement – enables an increase in productivity of up to 80% and requires a fraction of the area needed for conventional systems. Starting with the generation of ideas about how the vision of a flexible machining center could be realized, the task package included the development of numerous mechanical sub-assemblies and actively supporting the construction and commissioning of the machine.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Multiadapter for fixing windscreen wipers in place

    The aim of this project was to develop an adapter connecting the windscreen wiper to the greatest possible number of wiper arm types. First of all, a functional surface analysis was carried out to identify possible combinations of wiper arm interfaces currently available on the market. Then we systematically progressed through the conception, design, prototyping and testing phases, through to mass production design. The result has since been awarded four prizes for innovation by the automotive industry.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Welding robot for watermark production

    During paper manufacture, parts of the watermark on security paper are created using so-called "e-types". For this, these sheet-formed characters have to be welded onto the filter holder of the paper machine – until now individually by hand, using tweezers. With up to 3,200 elements per filter, this takes a great deal of time! The welding robot developed by tech-solute® reduces the effort involved by around 70%. The e-types are welded onto the filter completely automatically. The entire project was realized by tech-solute® from a single source – from project planning via mechanics and electronics development, construction of the machine and documentation, all the way through to the patent registration for the customer.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Medical inkjet printer

    In this case, the focus for the design was an inkjet printer for tissue sample carriers. Alongside numerous design simplifications, during the design process solutions for problematic functions were conceived and implemented. Here, the newly-designed components were designed to be downwardly compatible, so they could also serve as spare parts for products currently available on the market. An innovative highlight was the implementation of RFID recognition of the ink cartridge. To achieve this, tech-solute® worked with a leading RFID supplier.

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  • 19/09/2016
    Recognition of defective shampoo bottles

    At this customer, during the process of filling shampoo bottles, recurring faults were the cap being damaged or labels not being stuck on straight enough. Together with the company Optimum, tech-solute® implemented a customized system. Image recognition was used to identify these errors while the process was still running – without influencing the cycle time – and reliably reject defective components.

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  • 18/09/2016
    Cordless garden equipment

    tech-solute® made important contributions to the technological basis of this customer's new battery-powered garden equipment. Here, one key area was the battery and charging technology. Extremely robust and high-performance technology was developed in cooperation with a leading battery technology supplier. As the project progressed, tech-solute developed solutions for optimizing the functionality, performance and handling of the unit. By using mockups and functional models, solution approaches were systematically validated and subsequently optimized.

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