Ideas & Concepts

The goal of an innovation initiative does not always have to be a completely new product. Often it is the small improvements to an existing product which are the key to success.

No matter which way you decide: First, there is the good idea. So you don't have to rely on the first idea that comes along, we will help you pull more ideas out of your thinking cap.

For you this means:

  • Considering tried and tested solutions from other areas of technology,
  • new lateral-thinking ideas beyond the conventional and
  • diverse solutions thanks to the application of methodology.

You don´t have to reinvent the world –

sometimes you just need to take another look!

What we offer you

Ideas for new products and features: Whether a new product or an innovative product feature –we will supply you with marketable ideas which awaken ambition.

Technical solution concepts: To solve your problem we develop clever mechanical and electronic concepts and drive them forward from the engineering phase through to series-production readiness. Here we closely observe established solutions from other industries, in line with the motto, "You don't have to reinvent the world – sometimes you just need to take another look!“

Ideas for new services: It is not always only technical solutions which lead to success. Delight your customers by offering new services. We will show you appropriate trends from other industries and use these to develop ideas for your company.

Overview of patents: By carrying out systematic patent research and analyses, we identify potential property rights barriers to new ideas and give you an overview of the development activities of your competitors.

Ideas for circumventing patents: You want to stop your competitor from having exclusive success with a new product? We will find ways for you to circumvent existing industrial property rights and offer an equivalent solution.

tech-solute® - Ideas:
inspired by successful solutions from all areas of technology and nature

Ideas by chance?

Methodology / Tools

We use selected methods to clarify problems in a team, to accelerate the flow of ideas, to expand the search direction and to dissolve mental blockages.

Idea development is particularly effective in three stages:

Step 1: Initially, you leave us alone with your problem. Impartially and with focused lateral thinking, we develop ideas and technical solution approaches without any external influence.

Step 2: We will surprise you with exciting ideas, which you might not immediately think of when looking through the blinkers of company culture. In an innovation workshop with your team, we combine these ideas with the knowledge of your staff.

In our experience, the initial exciting ideas are a valuable stimulus for breaking away from conventional ways of thinking and motivating you to think out of the box. The end result is a collection of unconventional ideas – ideas which your team believe in too.

Step 3: In consultation with the workshop participants, we refine the favorite ideas and document them in a comprehensible way. Then we help you to drive promising ideas forward. By using feasibility studies and opportunity-risk evaluations, we clarify the real potential of the ideas. Our visualizations, mockups and functional models will help you to "sell" good ideas successfully to others within your company.

Project examples

  • 23/09/2016
    Ideas for new features on impact drills

    Penetration of the electric impact drills market by cheap products from the Far East was causing increasing difficulties for this customer. Contrary to the general trend for cost reduction, this company decided to justify higher prices with more customer benefits. The aim of this project was to develop ideas for new types function on the impact drill product. This was preceded by a comprehensive user analysis, which opened up several hitherto unrecognized user needs. By the end of the project there was a list of more than 240 ideas for new features, several of which found their way into series production.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Innovation workshop "Vehicle transmissions of the future"

    The aim of this workshop was to develop ideas for future products in the field of vehicle transmissions. In preparation, tech-solute® analyzed current trends in the automotive sector and in technology in general. These trends were carried across to the field of vehicles transmissions and used to derive spontaneous ideas for innovations in this area. These initial ideas were then presented to participants in a workshop (with representatives from different specialist areas). Facilitated by tech-solute®, these ideas were used as a starting point to develop numerous further ideas for innovations with potential for implementation.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Concepts for temperature-independent luggage compartment door hinge system

    Currently, the luggage compartment door on sedan cars is generally attached with simple trunk hinges. Gas springs and mechanical springs assist opening. The problem is that these systems are complex or highly temperature-dependent. tech-solute® developed a low-cost, temperature-independent concept for a hinge system based on a trunk hinge, which enabled self-actuating, damped opening of the luggage compartment lid. The solution developed was patented by the client.

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  • 23/09/2016
    Concept for integrated Distance Measurement in hydraulic cylinders

    The goal of this project was to come up with concepts for the accurate measurement of the distance traveled by hydraulic cylinder piston rods. High priorities for the development were the requirements for a "low cost", extremely robust and highly accurate solution. First of all, patent research was carried out to determine the current state-of-the-art. In doing so, tech-solute® did not just consider products and functional principles from the area of hydraulics, but also focused on solutions from outside the industry. This enabled completely new approaches to be developed.

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