Questions & Answers

What does tech-solute® specialize in?

tech-solute® is a specialist for Innovation Engineering. We support companies in the realization of technical innovations. To this effect, we offer solutions in all phases of the development process, from market analysis and the development of ideas all the way through to design and prototyping. Using quality methods we ensure the quality of the product and process and develop protection concepts against imitations.

Alternative manufacturing processes and functional principles open up ways to reduce the cost of existing products. We develop modular systems and help products at the end of their life cycle to reach new market potential with innovative features.

We do not just offer comprehensive solutions for entire development projects, but also support our customers in the individual projects stages.

Step by step to success

Why is tech-solute® the ideal partner for innovation projects?

For us, product innovation is everyday business. With impartial, creative-methodical thinking and knowledge about the latest technologies, we break away from conventional ways of thinking and lead new ideas systematically and efficiently to success.

We will help you to realize new solutions and lead you to real pioneering thinking. With us acting as an objective advocate from outside the company, you can also convince doubters in your own company of your ideas which are not taken seriously when coming from the "prophet in his own country".

Which methods and tools does tech-solute® use?

The basis for a successful project is the good idea behind it. This is why we pay particular attention to the ideas generation phase. With focused technology transfer and selected creativity and evaluation techniques, we ensure that you are betting on the right horse right from the start.

Systems thinking and morphology help us to divide complex systems into manageable modules and solve them in a orderly way, without overlooking anything important.

Methodology is also an essential component of our approach when sourcing information or for quality assurance. The effectiveness of our methods has been proved in many customer projects. The art of applying the methodology is in combining the right methods for the particular task, adapting them to our customer and using them pragmatically. tech-solute® has mastered this art.

How does a development project with tech-solute® usually proceed?

After we have signed a confidentiality agreement, you explain your innovation task to us. A few days later we will set out our approach for you, in the form of a non-binding quote. The quote is structured so that concept, design and development, as well as accompanying prototypes can all be ordered separately. The milestone at the end of each phase allows you to release the subsequent phase – that is, if the result matches your expectations exactly.

The work on your mandate is primarily carried out by us at our offices, since here we have ideal access to the prerequisites important to us – the team, the tools, the impartiality. In project phases which require intensive cooperation, our experts will support you directly at your premises. We will present the development stage of your solution to you at regular intervals, or at any time on your request – at your premises or via web conference.

What happens when the developed solution concept does not meet my expectations?

tech-solute® works on a results-oriented basis, i.e. the flat fee usually quoted for the development phase includes complete fulfillment of the mutually defined goals.

Under no circumstances do we want the results of our work to be disappointing, and therefore we place great value on effective communication. We present our interim results to our customers at regular intervals and check that we are still on the right track.

The strategy to the right product

I want to build up sustainable competitive advantages - can tech-solute® help me?

With our STRATEGY business field, we offer you the ideal solution. By using industry research, competitor analyses, statistics and discussions with market experts, we identify growth markets and tell you which products the markets of tomorrow will be needing.

It is also interesting when we talk to the users of your products or observe them using your products. Often, operating errors or conditions of use emerge for which the product has not been designed. This can be used to develop improvements or to recognize product niches as well.

With our "Technology Radar" we offer you the opportunity to understand the behavior of your competition and to take action in time. A mixture of competitor observation, patent tracking and trend analysis gives you a good feel for things happening within and outside your industry. 

With tech-solute® you can systematically pioneer the way to your future fields of innovation!

To whom belong the patentable ideas which tech-solute® develops?

We are proud of our ideas, especially when they are patentable. As a small company, we are not able to follow the often arduous path to patent registration and pursuing any rights infringements. This means we are happy to hand over our ideas to safe hands – to the hands of our customers.

We inform our customer promptly of patentable ideas and transfer the rights to them without any limitations or additional costs. It is then up to them whether they register industrial property rights or not. We are also very happy to provide support in the patent registration – after all we know our ideas the best.

What do tech-solute® employees do if they dont‘t know something?

We believe it is very important to know our limits. We would never try to solve our customers' problems with only superficial knowledge. We are able to fill small gaps in our knowledge by carrying out specialist research or by asking colleagues. Larger gaps are filled primarily by using the knowledge of external experts. Our philosophy of the "open knowledge network" helps us to find suitable specialists.

Employees of technology providers, universities or specialized service providers generally deliver us the required information.

Early on in the planning of the project, we determine what additional knowledge will be necessary to achieve the optimum result. You will receive a quote which already includes the services of our project partner.